How to fix Modem is already in use or not configured Properly on PC or Laptop

This is an annoying problem for those who work on a Laptop or PC connected to Modem to access internet. Actually, during a user is accessing internet on PC or Laptop with a modem (Whether it is Photon, Airtel, Idea Net Setter or anyone else), suddenly internet accessing is stopped causelessly and when he tries to reconnect the modem it shows error like Modem is already in use or not configured Properly. He tries once again, but the problem doesn’t go. A Situation like this is very disturbing and annoying for a user.

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To solve this problem, you don’t need to be a techie. Here, tips are being given using which you can fix the error in moments. So follow the tips given below:

Fix Modem is already in use or not configured Properly in PC or Laptop

For Windows 7 users

1. Open My Computer on you Desktop.

2. Click Open Control Panel on the ribbon of My Computer.

winndows 7 control panel

3. A new window will be opened. Click Device Manager.

device manager on control panel

4. A new window of Device Manager prompts. Make a double click on Modem.

Modem is already in use or not configured Properly

4. After double clicking on Modems, A file having the name of your modem appears. For Example, I am using Photon Plus named Olive. If this modem would be of Idea Net Setter, then it will show a different name as Huawei or something else. Right click on this driver file.

update modem driver


5. A menu will appear before you. Here, click on Update Driver Software 2-3 times. Now restart your Computer or Laptop. Your problem is solved. You can connect your Modem to PC or Laptop.

For Windows 8, 10 users

For Windows 8 here I am not giving images because tips are almost symmetrical to Windows 8.

  1. Make a double-click on Computer (This PC in Windows 10) to open.
  2. Now click on Manage on the upper part of the Window.
  3. A new window comes. Here, click on Device Manager on the left side of the Window.
  4. Now on the left side of this Windows double-click on Modem.
  5. Below the Modem, the file name of your Modem opens. Make right-click the name and select Update Driver Software.

Now close all opened windows and restart your PC. Connect Modem. The internet will be accessed. If you feel any problem write in the comment.

If the Problem Still Persists

If the problem is not fixed then follow one more step to eradicate:

  • Go to Control Panel => Network and Sharing Center => Change Adapter Settings.
  • Make a Right click on the Adapter you are running and select Disable in the extended menu.
  • Again right-click the adapter and choose Enable.
  • Restart your System and you have done.

After all, you would succeed to fix  Modem is already in use or not configured Properly on your Windows laptop.

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  1. Hi Sunita
    My problem is, I am using a universal modem all the networks connect successfully only the Airtel
    3G that doesn’t connect but, it connects on 2G. The that shows it says:-
    (The connection was terminated by the remote computer before it could be completed).
    I hope you could help. Thank you.

  2. Hello R2, Update network adapter driver in order to fix Modem is already in use or not configured Properly on PC or Laptop.

  3. Still facing same issue… pls help !!! I am using Dell Inspiron Win 10

  4. H N Prasanna Murthy


    I’m facing modem is already in use or not configured properly like that but same thing is working in Windows 7 and Windows 10 desktop PC’s so pls help me on this….

  5. Hello Sunita, it worked perfectly well on my Win 8. Airtel Modem. Thank you for wiping away my tears. You’re a GENIUS. I want to be your friend on Facebook. What’s your name???

  6. Thanks a lot bro – u r genius

  7. My mblaze not working in 8.1 because previous version is installed but not showing plz help

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    it really did work
    that’s a relief
    thank u so much

  11. Thanks.. Sunita
    I go idea office to fix my problem but they can’t.. Even they do not understand what I say.. They reply to that I use some other sim.. Horrible people..

  12. Awesome!!!! It worked in few minutes. All I did was following the steps provided. Best part is before this I’ve contacted the “technical” call centre of mts and the monkeys over there told me that somebody will contact me within 24 hrs..c’mon MTS, there are people on the web who get the job done in minutes !!!! Thanks again Sunita. Remarkable.

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    Keep doing such good work…

  15. Great, works awesome in my windows 8. Many Many thanks.

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  18. I have an Airtel 4G connection…my laptop went for servicing and after that I am having connectivity problem….it shows error 633 modem already in use….pls help

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  23. Hi thanks its worked for me
    net connect +windows 8
    i have re installed the sw and done a restart

  24. Naveen R Shenoy


    Worked perfectly. MTS guy actually (help desk) asked me to get my laptop repaired or upgrade windows (I m already on 8.1)! he! He! 🙂 🙂 Thanks




  26. thanks a lot, the solution worked properly.

  27. Hi all….the best and simple solution is
    >go to device manager
    >double click on Modems icon—it will show your USB modem(ur using modem)
    >right click and click on uninstall, it will ask to restart the system, please click on restart.
    >after restarting check your device manager its shows your modem again.
    >now connect the device, it will work perfectly
    >get set go…….

  28. Go to adapter settings. Right click on the network you are running. Disable it and enable.

  29. what is the problem is. It is not being shown in connected networks. N when I try installing after uninstalling it shows “this version has been installed”.

  30. Cnt c d “modems” optn under device manager. Ny odr way?

  31. Yes, It works same for the 3g dongle.

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  42. This took me 2 days to find out. If the problem was caused by the system hibernating/sleeping without disconnecting modem it can be easily fixed by restoring the computer to a time is was OK.
    ControlPanel>Open System Restore& select a time it worked correctly
    But it will erase all software & apps installed after restore date.
    Do not use “refresh” computer as it wipe out installed software

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    I was so frustrated for 3 days over this… even tried every other trick from internet…this one worked for me….

  48. Thanks so much to all of you for appreciating the tips.

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    uninstall and reinstall the airtel setup and then restart your machine

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    My MTS 3G PLUS white colored dongle still does not support on my WINDOWS-8 though I have tried your tips several times. But still no joy for me. But working very good in WI-FI mode on my same laptop! MTS customer support asked me to install WINDOWS-7 now ? Now it ‘s next to impossible to take huge backup from WINDOWS-8 and reinstall WINDOWS-7 ?

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  63. Great, works awesome in my windows 8, with Tata photon and MTS stopped working abruptly. Fix works like a charm. Thanks.

  64. Love u buddy.. it’s working in my reliance netconnect on Windows 8 laptop…. thank u sooooo much…..

  65. Amitava Roy


    I have already followed your above tips as suggested by you but no joy so far?

    And moreover, under CONNECTIONS category on the QUICK LAUNCH BAR , MTS INTERNET & MBLAZE USB MODEM still now being displayed and when checking it’s properties, I found it’s occupied COM12 port already and still now connected somehow somewhere in my Winows-8?

    How can I resolve this matter? And moreover, pls. tell me in details how can I update driver of any particular port as MBLZE 3G PLUS data card is unable to connect with Internet na ?

  66. Try the above tips and also update driver of port in which you have placed your device.

  67. Amitava Roy


    Recently I purchased a MTS 3G PLUS data card which is successfully activated and working well in wi-fi mode.

    But after successful installation on my LAPTIOP in WINDOWS-8 platform , i couldn’t connect to Internet so far…giving message like “The remote computer couldn’t may need to change….”

    Please give me a solution to this?

  68. ITZ working …thank u sooo much

  69. Uninstall and install the setup again and restart PC.

  70. Keyla Putri Phradista


    wow thanks dude it works !

  71. if moderm is insert cannot open airtel home window. then what can i do?

  72. Thanx a ton :D….helped me at the first try ^_^

  73. Uninstall the setup and install again. It should solve your problem.

  74. Its Not a hardware problem
    Even i am facing the same problem on Windows 8 & no one has the fix for it.
    Same modem is working on other PCs & laptops properly without any error.

    Further, there is no update for it till now

  75. It may be hardware problem. So contact the retailer where you have bought the modem.

  76. i get this error in my reliance netconnect 633:Modem is already in use or not configured Properly. I tried reinstalling,updating drivers, editing registry but nothing worked. Any help would be appreciated!

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  81. I am EVDO, BSNL and i got same error message " The modem ( already connected or not configured properly). I am using windows 7 and its laptop.

  82. Contact the shopkeeper from whom you have bought the Modem.

  83. Hi, Reliance NetConnect, Windows 7.

    i can't solve the problem… any help pleaseeeeeeeeee?

  84. I have done it successfully on my Windows 8 laptop. Try once more. If gives no result, uninstall modem software and install again. It will certainly work. Despite there is problem then it may be hardware problem in your modem.

  85. i've tried the above mentioned tip but the driver software does not get updated.. i use reliance netconnect+ with windows 8 platform. plz suggest any solution.. thank u

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