Now Ad Size 300 x 600 is offered by Adsense

Advertising on the Internet has now become a common and an ever growing trend. One can reach out to large section of people through Internet to provide services. Therefore, the capabilities and the formats of the ad units have seen as massive involvement with the betterment of the revenue. With the request of the advertisers from last three years for the larger ad sizes, the Google Adsense has finally announced the 300 X 600 unit which will be made available in the Ad sense accounts soon.
As you know adsense is the main source of revenue for websites and blogs it is an important step.

Now referred to as a half page unit, the 300 X 600 unit gives an advantage of larger space, so the advertisers will have to arrange their pages so that this ad size is used. The 300 X 600 unit is the ever demanded ad size as mentioned in a release of Display Business Trends. It gives an indication of the trend of the publishers giving an offer of the ad sizes being effecting which is usually preferred by the advertisers. Google Adsense gives a commitment that, the unit being new to their network for sometime will post only text related ads thereby enhancing display ad and wide range of the text which would become eligible to appear in the full slot.

  1. Google gives an explanation that as all ad sizes are available, therefore it is very important to give a careful consideration to the ad units so that they appeal better and give a good user and advertiser experience. For the additional information on the performance of potential placements, kindly visit the heat map in the AdSense helpĀ center. The comments and the feedback on the 300 X 600 ad unit can be posted on the AdSense+ page for discussions with other advertisers.

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