How to Optimize a Blog for Mobile devices

Optimizing a blog for the mobile devices – Blogs really need to be optimized for the mobile devices as many internet users nowadays are using their mobile devices to surf the web. And as you know a mobile always remains handy and any information can be instantly gathered. But, the web pages on a mobile screen do not appear the way they appear on a computer screen. And the surfer will quickly want to access the information he is surfing for. So, a website on a mobile phone needs to be optimized for easy navigation and the content should instantly catch the eyes of the surfer. These are some of the handy tips for the same:

  • Being simple: You should always work keeping in mind that web pages do not appear on mobile screen the way they appear on a computer screen. The most disturbing factor is the lack of the space. So, only key information should be included and everything else should be avoided. Too much of ads and flash images should be avoided and maximum space should be given on the content highlighting the portions which needs the attention.
  • Navigation should be easy and the site should have a simple layout: The users surfing the net on a mobile device will surely not have the patience and time. So, they do bother to navigate through numerous pages searching for the information. And if the pages seem very large, they might have the problem in navigation and leave the page instantly. This is the main reason for increasing the bounce rate. So, the key information should be included in the first few pages and the page navigation should be smooth.
  • Java and Flash should be completely avoided: Again the same problem, the lack of space. The information is much important than these flash or java therefore they are given much preference. And moreover many mobile phones including the most popular Apple iPhone do not support the java and the flash.
  • Designing an intelligent site: An intelligent website is the one which has lots of redirects. It instantly shows the information which the surfer is searching for and even the catches the glimpses of various words used with the links which will lead the surfer more into the website. This way a surfer gathers more information and the bounce rate decreases.
  • A mobile web page should have less typing: Typing on a mobile device may be irritating. So to the web page must include various drop-down menus and checklists which would help the surfer navigate the pages with an ease.
  •  Providing an easy navigation between the mobile and the standard version: As you know that including every element from the standard version on the mobile version is impossible, so there should be an easy access to the standard site.

The surfers nowadays have become so busy and want to get the information instantly. And mobile devices for sure provide the best of internet usage experience. The pages are crisp with the right amount of information and easy navigation. So, optimizing your for the mobile devices will only open for you new opportunities of increasing your followers.

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