Paper Dash Windows 8 / 10 App – Play Adventure Game

Paper Dash is a Windows 8 app to play a new type of adventure game. In this game you need to collect money by distributing newspapers to pay off the damages caused by you. You can choose your character from different options available. The game has three different cities and each city has three different localities. And each locality has five streets. You have to complete all the streets of one locality to unlock the other and in the same way, you have to complete all the three localities to unlock the next city. Drop the newspapers to at least fifty percent of the mailboxes to clear the level. You have to unlock the 45 levels and accomplish your task.

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It is not easy as it sounds to be. You will face lots of obstacles while riding on the streets. If you break any window glass or hit to any car you have to pay for the damages. You can hurt yourself when you are hit by a football or any pet animals. But you can earn extra money by collecting the soda bottles and cans. And you will receive badges for distributing papers and collecting soda bottles and soda cans.

Paper Dash Windows 8 App - Play Adventure Game

How to Play Paper Dash Game on Windows 8

1. Launch the application from the games category of Windows Store or install it from the link provided below.
2. Click on “Player Profile” and select your character.

Paper Dash Windows 8 App - Play Adventure Game

3. Click the back arrow button on the top left of the screen and go to the main menu page.
4. Click on “Play” button.

Paper Dash Windows 8 App - Play Adventure Game

5. You will be asked to select a city. Click on the “Paperbury”.

Paper Dash Windows 8 App - Play Adventure Game

7. Click on the first locality which is unlocked.

select a neighbourhood

8. You can see five different streets. Four streets are marked in brown color and one street in red color. You have to start your ride from the red colored marked street. Click on the red colored marked street and start dropping papers on the mailboxes.

Paper Dash Windows 8 App - Play Adventure Game

9. Once that street is complete, click on the “Continue” option to ride on the next level.

Paper Dash Windows 8 App - Play Adventure Game

10. When you complete all the streets, you unlock the next city.
11. Go on finishing the levels and unlock the next city.

How to direct the cycle and throw the newspapers

  1. You can see a slider on the left side. drag the slider left or right to direct the character or
  2. You can use the left arrow to make the character ride on the left side or right arrow to the right side.
  3. And now to throw the newspapers make an angle with your cursor and click the right mouse button or the space button to throw the newspaper in the mail box.
Paper Dash Windows 8 App - Play Adventure Game

Another important thing that you have to keep in mind while dropping newspaper and collecting soda bottles is that there are certain items that are scattered on the streets of all the localities of the cities. And you have to collect them because each item has its benefits and it will help you in doing your work. The items are bike basket, to carry an extra three papers; glasses, which will make your throw exactly on the mailboxes; gaudy gargoyle will make you earn $ 1000; helmet will give you an extra life; dog repellent will make you less harm by the dogs chasing you; golden newspapers will make you earn $ 2000; paper forger will help you in collecting more papers; arm brace will throw the papers faster; sack of treasures is worth of $ 3000.

Paper Dash Windows 8 App Design

Interface of the Paper Dash app is very nice. Beautiful streets with small houses, animals, kids, obstacles are very well designed. You can listen to nice background music while playing the game. There are different options available for character customization. Choose your character and enjoy the riding.

Paper Dash App Features

  1. The app is not chargeable.
  2. 45 levels to play.
  3. Select your own character.
  4. Excellent graphics and sound effects.
  5. Easy controls.
  6. Get badges by distributing newspapers and collecting soda bottles and cans.


Paper Dash is a fun loving game. You will face problems in avoiding potholes, cars, dogs, etc. You have to save your life from them and cross your levels. Apart from this, your aim in throwing the newspaper to the mailboxes should be correct. If you hit the window glasses of any house then you have to pay for the damages. Learn to make aim and throw the newspaper into the mailboxes. Install this app and earn your own money!

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