“Patch Tuesday January 2023” Update – What changes Windows may receive

10 January Patch Tuesday update forecast, and potential changes Redmond is going to introduce for Windows and more. 

Patch Tuesday January 2023

The New Year has brought many blessings, but it is also time to get up, smell the coffee, and do the deeds that have been assigned. As recent reports concerning the system administration talk about the patch Tuesday, January 2023 which ultimately increases the workload of the people focussing on the performance and security of a system. So, it’s better to be prepared with a detailed goal in the same.

Your system can be vulnerable especially if you haven’t deployed the Microsoft published 2 zero-day vulnerabilities linked to ProxyNotShell attacks back in September 2022. These are Exchange Server Privilege Escalation Vulnerability (CVE-2022-41040) and the Exchange Server Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2022-41082). In this patch Tuesday, January 2023, before the November release Redmond encourages several of the interim remedies regarding these updates. See – Direct Download link and Changelog KB5021234 Windows 11 21H2.

Assumptions of Patch Tuesday January 2023

Researchers from Crowdstrike mention a new edition of the “Play” ransomware in their discovery which leverages the CVE-2022-41080 vulnerability to access a remote PowerShell service and the CVE-2022-41082 vulnerability to execute remote code. However, this aforementioned ransomware is known to override Microsoft’s exploit mitigation protections. Though you may not need to worry if you have already taken care of the system’s updates, those who are yet to perform it should do it at the earliest.

Microsoft’s journey to Extended Security Updates (ESU) program for Windows 7 and Server 2008/2008 R2 began 3 years ago. However, patchTuesday January 2023 scheduled for today will come with the latest updates for the concerned operating system. Although the systems will continue to function, will no longer be serviced or get fixes for newly identified vulnerabilities, which will significantly increase the risk of their exploitation and corruption. In addition, older operating systems will no longer be supported by several apps.

In latest discovery, Google mentioned that patch Tuesday January 2023 will cease Chrome support for Windows 7 in February 2023. With this big announcement, Chrome 109 will be the final browser version to support the previous operating system. However, other software firms will also disrupt or stop supporting their products for these operating systems. Therefore individuals and organisations that continue to depend on them are strongly recommended to plan for migration or find suitable alternatives.

In another revelation, Microsoft will also terminate Windows 8.1 after its release of the final security updates for the concerned on January 10, with its scheduled patch Tuesday January 2023.

Furthermore, Microsoft will also remove support for Basic Authentication in Exchange Online in January 2023. Through Message Center, all the company clients will be notified a week before the outage and will need to make the appropriate modifications. For more information and instructions, you can visit Redmond’s created distinct knowledge base pages. You will lose access to Exchange as soon as Microsoft flips the “switch” if you delay making modifications or relevant changes. Read – Difference Between Windows and Cumulative Update Windows 10.

Forecast for Patch Tuesday, January 2023

  • Due to the holidays, there were no pre-release patches in December, thus making the patch Tuesday, January 2023 quite intriguing. As Microsoft has provided a very limited number of vulnerability updates in December, through this patch it will definitely try to redeem itself by providing updates to operating systems and other corporate products. New security patches will be released for Windows 11 and Windows 10. Final Extended Security Updates can come bearing gifts with large number of solutions to severe concerns with legacy systems.
  • Well, you could also witness substantial upgrades to Adobe Acrobat and Reader, as Adobe usually delivers them in the first quarter of the year.
  • In mid-December, Apple issued macOS 13 Ventura, Monterey, and Big Sur upgrade, as well as iOS and Safari updates. However, updates will only be delivered through patch Tuesday, January 2023 in case major vulnerabilities are discovered.
  • Google launched Chrome OS Stable 108.0.5359.172 and Chrome OS LTS 102.0.5005.194 last week, but no more updates have been issued seemed to be line up.
  • At the end of December, Mozilla issued the most recent security fixes for Firefox, Firefox ESR, and Thunderbird. Since then, there have been a couple more service releases, so we may not see any upgrades this week with patch Tuesday, January 2023.

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