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KBC 7 is an online web application which is an imitation of the original popular reality TV game show “Kaun Banega Crorepati” hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. For those who loved watching it in pursuit of knowledge, it is a great application to improve your quizzing skill and having fun. It is a free app for Android Devices and you can download it from the given link at the end.

The application has an intuitive and user-friendly interface since it is the same as you must have seen the computer screen in the TV show. The developers have made sure that no stone has been kept unturned to make sure that this app provides a very smooth experience to its users. It does not have any sophisticated rules and comes naturally as you proceed. A screenshot of this application is shown below:

                                                                kbc 7 for Android

How to play KBC 7 game on Android Phone

The rules of the game are simple and most of us are familiar with it except that there is no concept of the fastest finger first for the game right now. When you open the game you are taken directly to the first question. You will have to give the correct answer for each multi-choice question. If you will give the right answer your next question will be unlocked and you can win certain amount and knowledge for each question.

If you answer the first question correctly it will fetch you 1000 Rs and the next question will be unlocked. There are three levels in the game after which you can ensure the certain amount of money once you cross it. These levels are bifurcated as follows:

Level 1: It is at question 5 and amount 10,000.

Level 2: It is at question 10 and amount 3,20,000.
Level 3: It is at question 15 and amount 1,00,00,000

There are three lifelines in the game which helps when you get stuck in the question and they can be used anytime. At any point, if you think that you do not know the game, you can use one of the 3 given lifelines. Every lifeline can only be used once throughout the game. The different lifelines are described below:

  1. 50:50 :- Once you use it you will get to choose 2 choices after other 2 incorrect have been  eliminated. Now that you have only two options to choose the probability of getting the correct answer increases.
  2. Double dip : When you use it, you will get to choose 2 choices for the right answer among 4 options.
  3. Flip the question: You can change the question using this if you don’t know the answer of the given question.

Note: There is one more thing here in this game for obvious reasons i.e. There is no phone-a-friend option. You can quit the game anytime you wish to do so.


  • It is a completely free game and very easy to use. 
  • It tests the IQ level of your mind and helps you in enhancing it.
  • It increases your knowledge as well as make you aware of new facts.


  • There is no sound in the game which may irritate the user.
  • There may be the situation when the same questions are asked again and again.


KBC7  is really a nice Android application to be played when you have the leisure time. You will love the different aspects of this game making you realized that you are playing in the real world. It is a good intelligence game with no voice. If there is sound in this game this App would be a really wonderful and awesome app. Still this app is worth trying. We are hoping that developers would come with voice and new set of non-repeated questions in its next update.

How to get this App

You can have the access to this software by visiting the link provided below:

Download link: KBC7

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