PowerToys 0.20.1 is available with minor bug fixes

PowerToys 0.20.1 is available with minor bug fixes for the features of the previous release.

PowerToys 0.20.1

Recently PowerToys v0.20.0 was offered with several features such as color picker and FancyZones. After rolling out the developer found some bugs in the tools. So Microsoft has released a new patch to fix a few items for 0.20 we deemed important for stability. So PowerToys 0.20.1 is available with fixed bugs in installer, PowerToys Run, FancyZones, and ColorPicker.

You can download PowerToys 0.20.1 directly from Github using link in the last.

PowerToys 0.20.1 is available with minor bug fixes

After the previous release, FancyZones encountered a bug in it which then crashed the hosting app (refer to as Runner). The issue led by a few bugs in PowerToys Run that happen when Runner crashes.

PowerToys 0.20.1 fixes –

  • PT Run doesn’t dispose properly and disposed of object trying to be accessed.
  • ColorPicker trying to always reload a bad settings file.
  • FancyZones tries to drag an elevated window.
  • Installer gets stuck installing .NET Core.

For more details about the release of the previous version, you can see – PowerToys v0.20.0 is available to download with bug fixes.

You will find everything that was in the 31st July update, for example, Color Picker, File Explorer Add-ons, Image Resizer, PowerToys Run, and Shortcut guide, Keyboard Manager PowerRename, FancyZones.

Source – Github.

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