How to Prepare Your Own Remote Garage Door BlueTooth Opener

Make your Own Garage Door Bluetooth Opener to Open the Door remotely with Smartphone. A few minutes ago, I was watching the sites of technical instruments. But I spoiled my time in those sites because I have no any modernized instrument to see. Later on, I saw a beautiful technical instrument in the form of Remote Garage Door BlueTooth Opener. Just I am shocked that how Bluetooth Device is attached to the door, but this is so an interesting and effective instrument.

This instrument is developed by Luis Alberto Prado commonly known as Lou Prado, born in Queens Borough, New York City and he had gotten Master Degree in Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University. He creates his own website named BTMATE that has more information about this Bluetooth instrument.

Prepare Your Own Remote Garage Door BlueTooth Opener

This Instrument is so simple:

It requires the Samsung HM1100 or Samsung Hm1800  Bluetooth handset. Both Bluetooth devices work properly. You can buy this Device from Fry’s or eBay.

By using the Bluetooth Device You have to break open the earpieces and more solid the earpiece wires to the base pin of a transistor. And also you have to do that solder the Red and Black wires to the other pins of the transistors.

Connect the wire (Red & Black) to the garage door. Most of the garage door openers are made for easy insertion of wires, which is good for us.

If you use the covered wire means Plastic Covered then the wire may shrink by the heat but don’t worry You have to uncover the wire and connect it with Transistors.

Many people have problems with a left or forgetting the Door key in their office or home, but this instrument helps you to open the door of any home, garage etc by using Bluetooth.  If you have an idea to connect with your mobile then it is easier to carry.

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