How to Remove http// on Android

We received multiple requests inquiring ways to Remove http// on Android. This problem occurs after you recharge with an Airtel data pack. The above URL automatic loads on browser and doesn’t remove even after you refresh or click “Dismiss Alert”. As a result, you can’t surf the web independently because the loaded webpage allows browsing only Airtel Store. The issue of redirecting to the has been continuously annoying to numerous users.

As you may probably have experienced yourself, the URL continuously gets redirected to http// whenever users search for (or open) or any other website. Even after dismissing the alert, the page displays the recharge confirmation again and again. This issue does not allow you to access any web browser. So, in the below section, we will discuss a simple way to get rid of this problem on your Android handset. Let us start –

Way to Remove Remove http// on Android

Here is how to remove http// on Android –

Step-1: On your handset, swipe down the notification bar and tap the Settings icon.

Step-2: Go to More settings. Then, navigate to Network settings > Access point names (APN).

Step-3: In certain phones, on the Settings list, open Connections. Choose Mobile networks from the list of options.

Note – You can also reach there using typing either APN or Access point name in the search box.

Step-4: Select Access Point Names as shown in the below screenshot.

Remove on Android Pic 1

Step-5: Edit the APN to the following –

Proxy: (Leave blank)
Port: 8080

Step-5: After modifying the APN configuration, ensure to Save it. Finally, connect to the internet and see the sites working without any redirection problems.

Solution to http// redirect on PC

In case you have been facing similar issue on your PC, try a simple trick that might help.

  • Get access to the web browser and make an attempt to clear out its cookies, cache, and browsing data.
  • Furthermore, also delete all the related settings on the browser that you use.
  • Once you accomplish these tasks, hopefully, you will not be redirected to http//  page.

That’s all!!!

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