How to Reset Cache of Windows Store

How to Reset Cache of Windows Store. – Sometimes, in the way of downloading or updating an App of Windows Store, users stuck with a sudden fault that interrupts downloading or updating exercise. To fix such a problem, users need to Reset Cache of Windows Store. Now, I am about to share ways to Reset Cache of Windows Store.

Providing tips to Reset Cache of Windows Store, I am putting more than single methods. You may reset Windows Store Cache quite easily after following either of two tips.

First Tips (To Reset Cache of Windows Store )

For Windows 10

  • Access Cortana and in the specified area, type in WSReset.exe and soon you will notice the same command on top, click on it.
Cortana search WSReset command

For Windows 8

  • Access Windows 8 Charms Bar by moving the mouse pointer at the top right screen of Windows 8 screen. Then put WSReset.exe command in the Search bar.
windows 8 search bar image
  • It leads to open WSReset.exe app in the Right panel of the existing window. Now click on ‘Run as administrator’ option.
Reset Cache of Windows Store
  • Then Windows Store appears with a confirmation message to indicate that ‘The cache for the Store was cleared’. You can now browse the store for apps. At the same time, you will be back into Windows Store to install or update apps.
windows store cache reset

Second Tips (To Reset Cache of Windows Store)

The Second tip is rather easy to follow. To Reset Cache for Windows Store through optional method, you have to take a few steps, as following:

  • Open Run box after pressing Win + R button altogether.
  • Then after put WSReset.exe command and press OK to access Windows Store.
WEReset command Run dialog box
  • Here, you find messages showing that ‘The cache for Store was cleared……’
  • You need to press ‘You can now browse the store for apps’ link to the fresh installation after Resetting Windows Store Cache.


2 thoughts on “How to Reset Cache of Windows Store

  1. Windows 10 Store and many apps including Mail, People etc are blanked out.
    Nothing I have tried works, eg.many versions of the Powershell Command. Dism and sfc, Reset app, etc. My Restore Points got deleted accidentally.
    AppRestore.exe results in “You will need a new app to open this MS-Windows-Store”. What ‘new app’ and how do I get it?

  2. Ranbir kumar says:

    i think windows 8 gives advance option for everybody. cache delete is everybody requires……

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