How to Reset factory setting to Samsung Galaxy smartphone, tablet

Samsung is nominated as a top mobile brand of 2012. On the other hand, Google also like it a lot because Samsung Galaxy series (Smartphone or Tablets) has achieved desired goals world-wide with Android OS support. According to mobile experts or users, to access Samsung Galaxy is easier than other mobile brands Android Smartphones like HTC, Sony Xperia.

In previous posts, I have explained about the method of reset factory settings (hard and soft) on Google Nexus tablet, iPad Mini, and Amazon Kindle HD tablet. Now you need to aware the process of reset factory settings of Samsung Galaxy Smartphone and tablet.

Actually, the need of reset factory process occurs while your Samsung Galaxy tablet or Smartphone don’t work smoothly, hangs time-to-time during internet surfing or after launching any installed apps or due to virus attack. It is important to remember that a factory reset process will delete every setting and all data on your Samsung Galaxy tablet or Smartphone. So at first, it is better to back up every data such as phone number contacts, SMS, essential apps, emails and much more to SD card or computer drives.

Note – Before the start of hard or soft reset process with Samsung Galaxy tablet or smartphone, ensure that its battery is fully charged.

How to Reset Factory Settings to Samsung Galaxy Smartphone or Tablet From Android Menu?  

Soft Reset Process  

  • Firstly tap on Menu tile on the main screen and then tap on Settings tile.
  • Now tap on Privacy tile. Next tap on Factory data Reset tile.
  • Tap on Reset phone option and choose Erase everything option. Here type your phone password if it asks.
  • Now your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone will reboot and it takes a little time to perform reset factory settings process. After its power on automatically and you will find a new brand like purchased device on your hand.

How to Reset factory Settings to Samsung Galaxy Smartphone or Tablet Via mobile keys?

If soft reset process does not clear previous problems in your Galaxy tablet or mobile device then it is the best option to choose hard reset factory settings with the combination of mobile keys.

 Hard Reset process on Galaxy Smartphone by mobile keys

  • Turn off your galaxy device and remove its battery and insert it again.
  • Hold the power button and Volume down button (in left or right side) at one time. Then let loose to the power button, but still holding the Volume down button.
  • Now you will prompt system recovery menu screen. Then move the volume down button in order to reach the clear storage option from the menu list.
  • Next press the Power button or home button (depends on galaxy model) to select Clear storage option and again select volume up button to continue reset process confirmation.

Thus, your Galaxy phone will reboot and complete to reset process in short while now.


If you are facing problems to follow above hard reset process then alternate option can be used to continue hard reset process –

Type hard reset code – *2767*3855#  and wait for few minutes until it starts again automatically.

Hard Reset Process on Galaxy Tablet –

  • Firstly, make sure that your Galaxy tablet is switched off. Push and hold the Power button for about 10 seconds to switch on it again.
  • Then hold the power button and volume up button together. As a result, recovery screen prompts on the tablet screen.
  • Release the Power button and slide to volume down button to highlight and select this option – wipe data / factory reset option from menu list.
  •  Now press the home button or power button to start reset process on your galaxy tablet.

It takes few minutes to finish reset process. So keep patient.

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