Run Android apps on PC having Windows 7, Vista, 8 Surface Pro, Mac

Android operating System has become a craze all because of the huge amount of applications it supports and people have become so obsessed with it that they want to use it everywhere, even on windows. So, this article gives you an insight into how you can use Bluestacks which will let you easily get the apps directly from the Android device to your desktop.

A Quick intro: It is a great virtual machine which runs Android apps on Windows 7. Still being in its initial or alpha state, it runs quite stable. There are quite a few limitations, but owing to the advantages it has, they can be overlooked. It is a great software for the beginners as the requirement of knowing the Android SDK is not required. There are numerous number of apps which can easily be installed from the BlueStacks list of free apps and the cloud connect app can also be used if you have an Android device.

This is a very helpful software for all those app junkies who love Android apps, but still don’t have an Android device. You can use the Windows environment to get as many number of apps you can from BlueStack list, use them full to your heart’s content besides deciding on the fact that which Android device do you really want to go for.

If there is a mouse navigation then you have no issues, but if you have a touchscreen then this is an added advantage. The apps work extremely well. Some of the apps require some hard core hardware but they run. There may be some slow performance, but surely there will be no breakdowns of the computer set.


Stepwise installation of BlueStacks:

Step 1: BlueStacks can be downloaded from the BlueStacks downloading page. Presently the version runs only for Windows 7. They might work on windows XP and Vista, Windows 8 optimized latest Surface as well as Mac OS X, so let us wait for the future versions. Follow the process and make the installation.

Step 2: After the successful installation, a short video on the basics of running the app is shown. A desktop icon is added which acts as the launcher.

Step 3: Just left clicking this icon will give you independence of changing its opacity and moving it around the screen. It shows a list of installed apps. Any one can be clicked to launch.

Step 4: The app appears in the same basic way as it would appear on the Android screen. The mouse can be used just as the finger and if there is a touchscreen then the experience is divine.

Step 4: The intro video shows a set of icons on the bottom of the screen that can be tapped. These are usually used as the hardware buttons which otherwise you would use on an Android device. There are some extra buttons which can be used to change the screen orientation and zoom of the apps. There are some other features which enhance the experience. Overall, there is even a “help” link which directly connects to the internet.

There is a provision for the on-screen virtual keyboard which pops up. However the options like paste and copy do not work.

Adding extra apps:

  • The Blue Stacks launcher can be clicked on for getting more number of apps.
  • There will appear a 9-digit PIN for use with the Android Cloud Connect app. The featured app link can be clicked to subscribe for thr free apps.
  • The biggest advantage is the option to even download apps from the Android device. For this, the application BlueStacks Cloud Connect app should be installed from the Android Market.
  • After making a successful installation of this, use the (9-digit pin found from the BlueStacks channel website after which the apps can be selected and installed.

Uninstalling an app: Uninstalling an app is easier than said. You just have to click on the subscribe button which automatically uninstalls the app.

Hope, the article was helpful. Enhance your Android experience and leave your valuable comments.

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