Samsung Galaxy S4 – How to Use Smart Scroll

The remarkable feature “Smart Stay” is found in the galaxy S3 smartphone. It keeps the screen safe from timing out while you are reading webpage contents since a long time. Now Samsung has revealed a similar feature called Smart Scroll for the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone.  The Smart Scroll lets you to scroll up or down a web page or email in easy way (up and down) in your phone.  The Smart Scroll function identifies your eyes using the front camera so that you could scroll pages by tilting your head or the phone.

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smart screen in galaxy s4

To start the Smart Scroll Feature on Galaxy S4

Step 1

  • Launch the Settings menu and select My Device option at the top of the screen.

Step 2

  • Then navigate from right to left and tap on the Smart Screen option.

Step 3

  • Under smart screen settings screen, move the slider button to turn on (change into green sign) beside Smart Scroll option.
smart screen turn on

To check out the feature of Smart Scroll function in your Galaxy S4,  

  • Load a web page or email message in the browser.
  • While you do action of the scroll up on the web page then look down to read the page content.
  • If you do action of the scroll down then look up on the web page to read the page content.

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