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A site submission to a search engine should never be forgotten without the use of the WordPress. The WordPress is a very handy tool which helps the search engine crawl through the website easily and acts as a guide through the posts, pages and categories and plays a huge role in helping the search engine decide whether the site should be included in its database or not.

There are many built in search engine  optimization tools (SEO Tools) in the WordPress which also has an inclusion of the ability of using .htaccess which leads to the creation of the apparently static URLs which are known as permalinks, blogrolling and pinging. WordPress also includes a number of 3rd party plugins and hacks which becomes handy during the search engine optimization.

However, once a user starts using WordPress Themes and customizing WordPress to meet the demands, he may break some of the search engine friendly features. So, here are some of the tips which would help the web developer’s to maintain WordPress site’s optimal friendliness towards search engine spiders and crawlers:

  • Use of good and clean code:  It should be made sure that the site’s code validates. Errors in the code usually prevent the search engines in making a successful crawl through the website.
  • Good content: What the search engine understands is only the content. The content which usually explains, informs, shares, or educates is only understandable by the search engine. The word content should be a quality one so that the search engines can make a comparison and examination with all parts to give a better ranking.
  • Writing the content with the searchers in mind: It is very important for a web developer to understand what is actually searched on the Internet. The phrases, words, keywords should be properly used in the posts. It is also important to understand how a search engine replicates to a search made on the Internet. This would help the developers design pages in such a way that they are found on the Internet.
  • The content is scanned first: Most search engines usually ignore the styles and the cascading Style Sheets. It just scans for the content and the information. WordPress themes are designed with the content usually on the top with the sidebars and footers at the bottom. Therefore it should be made sure that the content should be placed at the top.
  • Meeting of the keywords, titles and links: Search engines usually avoid the look of the website, but rather they scan the words and make the comparisons with the other links and titles. The better the matches are, the better they are ranked.
  • Contents for the links and images: A website may have a very little text but a large collection of photographs and links. These should be linked with textual content. As the search engines look for the alt and title in the links and the image tags, these attributes make a site more accessible. Good textual content for the images and the links help search engines a lot in understanding the site.
  • Use of better navigation links: The navigation links used in the site should be good enough to help the search engines crawl the site with ease. Good links from pages, archives and categories will help the search engines scan maximum of the site which is very advantageous.

Hope, these tips come handy for you while designing the sites. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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