How to Search Images In Edge Browser Using Bing

How to Search Images In Edge Browser – People always expect to seek and explore identical photos from browsers. Acknowledging this matter of fact Edge has added Bing Lookup feature dealing with which you are able to search for similar images via Cortana using bing search. We will elaborate here the process to appropriately to Search Images In Edge Browser.

When Cortana is enabled you will view Ask Cortana on the context menu of any image but if you turn off Cortana you will catch sight of “Bing Lookup” instead “Ask Cortana” on the photo search menu.

How to Search Images In Edge Browser

  • Hit “Edge” icon situated on the taskbar of your Windows 10 machine to launch it.
edge icon taskbar
  • Access a web page in Edge browser and perform a right-click on the image existing on it. Hit “Ask Cortana” on the right click context menu.
ask cortana image
  • In the right side of the browser, a flap prompts and shows Searching….
  • After one moment or two, you see the related results of Image search.
How to Search Images In Edge Browser
  • At the top of the flap, you get to know the thumbnail and file name, dimension and weight of the searched image.
see full size image link
  • A link “see full-size image” is also placed in the middle, clicking which you get the full size.
  • Click the on the “thumbnail” or the link “see full-size image” to launch the original page of the photo through the URL on which it resides in the right flank.
  • Just below the thumbnail, you witness “Related images” section which offers various photos from different websites.
  • Pressing an image in this section opens it in a new tab in original size.
related images bing lookup
  • When you turn off Cortana you come to see “Bing Lookup” replacing “Ask Cortana” on the right click context menu of photos.
Bing Lookup edge

All these image searches through Bing Lookup are conducted by Cortana. A significant speciality of the image search feature is you don’t need to leave the web page whether you see “Related searches” or “Full-size image”.

You know Edge is in development state till now and every day new features and enhancements are being applied. But Bing Lookup for image search is certainly a milestone that makes you efficient to perform your search. Anyway, we hope you can Search Images In Edge Browser with the steps elaborated above without a hassle.

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