How to send a single e-mail to multiple Recipients

E-mails have become an important part of everyone’s life. It was years back when sending a message took a span of two to three months and receiving it took another. Now it is the matter of seconds. Thanks to the electronic mail. Communications have never been so easy. There are various discussions on how to send a single email to various recipients. Let us see.

This requirement is basically felt when it is officially required to send a single Gmail to various clients or sending an email to all the employees of the business firm. It basically stands on the concept of the CC and BCC. These are those abbreviations which you see when you are about to send a mail in the To field. The CC stands for the Carbon Copy or the Courtesy Copy. This means that a duplicate copy of the message is being sent to everyone whose email address has been added.

But, what happens is that everyone in the group gets to know who are the others in the list receiving the same mail as the addresses are displayed in the header at the beginning of the mail. This method should be applied only if mails are to be sent in friends and family members and if it is required for the others to know who else also received it. But in the field of business, it should be avoided so as to maintain the privacy.

The other method is the BCC standing for Blind Carbon copy. In this case the lists of other recipients are not displayed in the email, thus maintaining the privacy. The email addresses are to be simply copied in the BCC box and the mail goes to each inbox. This method should be applied while sending mails to the clients or for the business purpose.

The mail addresses are simply to be copied in the To, BCC or the CC field to send the mail according to the preference. Hope, this article was helpful. Join the discussion forum by simply signing in.

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