How to Reset Factory Settings to Micromax Funbook – Hard or Soft

How to Reset Factory Settings to Micromax Funbook – In Present times, Android tablets is being used broadly. For business or education purpose, Android tablet performs significant role among its users. The Cause is its simple and user-friendly performance. The top rated mobile company Micromax has launched a Funbook tablet in different models in the market in 2012. Micromax Funbook tablet comes with Android supported mobile operating system.


If your Micromax Funbook tablet is working unresponsive due to invalid settings or sudden virus attack. then you can improve it through reset factory setting. In Funbook tablet, reset factory settings can be made either with Android menu which is called soft reset or by power buttons known hard reset.

How to Reset Factory Settings to Micromax Funbook


Before starting any reset factory settings tablet, at first, you should backup every essential content like videos, songs, pictures, apps, personal files or documents from tablet to SD card. Otherwise, everything will be wiped out from the tablet after the reset action.

Way to Reset Factory Settings to Micromax Funbook

Soft Reset Micromax Funbook Tablet

  • At first, launch menu list on the screen and tap on settings.
  • In the settings screen, tap on backup and reset button in the menu list.
  • In the right side, check the box related to this option – Erase SD card and tap on Reset tablet button.
  • Now tap on Erase everything button.

Thus, your Funbook tablet will reboot. Wait a few moments to finish reset factory settings actions.

Hard Reset Micromax Funbook Tablet

  • At first power off Funbook tablet.
  • Push menu keys, power keys and Volume up keys at same time and hold up for 10 seconds.
  • Now tablet will power on with android logo recovery screen. Then scroll the volume up keys to select wipe factory reset option and press the power key.
  • Press the power keys to start the hard reset action on Funbook tablet.

Thus, hard reset process of factory settings will clean the entire info and files not including on the SD card. It takes the tablet to the condition while you purchased it.

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      My Micromax Funbook P350 Tablet having a problem of automatically going to restart, what can I do for solve this problem.

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      my tab doesn’t have volume key pls help me how to reset
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      unfortunately launcher has stopped massage is detected in my p350 funbook

    6. How much old this battery is?

    7. Hi, since one week my tablet p255’s battery is discharging quickly. it shuts down without any notice even after full recharge it shuts down in half hr. it started to happen suddenly. can this be corrected through factory reset? plz help

    8. my tablet dont have volume keys as well as it is locked also…

    9. My tablet micromax funbook infinity P275 it don't have volume up key so how to reset factory

    10. hello amit i am not able to had reset my micromax funbook talk p350 as it is not oning coz i have deleted bulid.prop so plz give me a solution heres my id

    11. but micromax funbook p275 dont have volume key. then how to hard formate ? plz reply

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