How to Send Large Files for Free and Fast with Slow Internet Speed

Sending large files over the internet is harassment and especially when the internet speed is very slow. There are number of websites which allow sending large files for free. This article is a compilation of some of such websites which offer free services.  These websites require the user to create an account. And then uploading of the file is possible after which it can be sent to anyone.
These services are best suited for the business purposes where one can send heavy documents like delivering projects and others. Especially helpful for the freelancers who can use these services very frequently.

sending a large file


This has just been found in the later part of the last year and is the new addition to this family but has become everyone’s favorite. There is very space available on the display page where much of the ads do not appear. There is no requirement for installing any softwares or plugins and the files can directly be uploaded from bat. There is no limit to the files which can be uploaded but the restrictions can be up to 2 GB.

Only one file can be uploaded at a time. The process of uploading is also very simple and straightforward. Overall this service is new even it has proved its worth and is very easy to send large files without any fuss.


GE.TT uploaded a file in a matter of seconds, but this took FileServe over a minute, but there are various other features and tools. The users without even logging in can send files of up to 1 GB. The feature of uploading files simultaneously is phenomenal and once a user registers with the website, he can use up to 500 GB of online free space. There are various options of sharing different types of files. There is even an up-gradation to the premium version which gives a good download speed. There are provisions for uploading and downloading multiple files at one time but a good payment would give good speeds.


This also allows adding multiple files at once, but adding from the hard disk is not as easy as thought of. Various descriptions need to be added before uploading files and on the recipient’s email address. The free option of largest 1 GB of file uploads and there is provision for storing up to 200 GB of online storage. There is also a standalone program which is integrated, Megaupload Mega Manager. It uploads files much faster. Although this service is a bit slow, but it has many integrated tools which prove very helpful.


FileDropper wins the competition in the size of file uploads as it can upload files up to 5 GB but it loses as it lacks many features. The sharing features which are of utmost importance are missing. If the downloads are not made then the files are deleted within one month. And there is no need for registration.


This website also does not require login, but there is host of added advantages if the login is made. Multiple files each up to 1 GB can be uploaded and sent. This website also has few advertisements and the faster download speeds.

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  1. Thank you for all the tips! My favourite service is You can send up to 20 GB totally for free and without any registration. It has also the highest possible encryption during the transfer.