Best Android Tablet Apps for Students

Tablets have started dominating the world since the advent of iPad. Though the iPad is high on sales, Android is no further and is also become an important part. Today, there are many Android based tablets in the market which are at the verge of creating a huge impact in every field. Students now have started using these tablets as it serves for variety of educational purposes. The studies can be organized, the notes can be taken, educational videos and audio can be watched and heard, e-books can be studied and many more. And today, there are many apps which help students in numerous ways. Even the Google Play store also has a huge amount of these apps. This article reviews some of the best apps on Android for students.
tablet apps for student

  • Evernote: An easy to access and use app which helps the user to remembers all the activities he is connected with over all the devices. The user can become more organized, create new ideas and improve them. There is host of features such as creating to-do lists, capturing photos, taking audios, taking notes, and making the notes easy to access.
  • Dictionary – Merriam-Webster: A dictionary app always comes handy for a student. There is a huge collection of definitions in the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. Besides this, it also has a voice search feature. If the spelling is too difficult to remember, then by simply saying the word in front of the app will show you its meaning, synonyms, antonyms and all other such information.
  • Skedule: Skedule is the best app for the students to schedule all their works and studies. It supports all the tablets with 7 inch and higher. It also schedules from Monday to Saturday with no limit for the lessons which depends upon the student’s ability. To-do lists are also possible.
  • Studious: Studious considered best manager app for the students. It also has a calendar which helps in proper scheduling of the events. It has all the features and acts exactly as your personal assistant. It also has a feature which automatically turns the phone to the silent mode when the student is in class.
  • Lecture notes: LectureNotes is considered one of the best apps for taking the notes. The special feature about this app is that students can use their styles to write on the screen. It can be used for various instances. For example, during classes when a student requires to take the notes of what is being taught by the teacher and in other instance when a teacher is writing notes on the screen and projecting it for the students to take down the notes. So, it has been designed by keeping both the students and teachers in mind.
  • Office Suite Pro 7 (PDF &HD): OfficeSuite Pro is best for presentation purposes specially to create , print, edit Word, Excel or PowerPoint files. It has an integrated feature rich mobile Office solution which allows the user to open attachments in any formats and view files in PDF formats. It has also integrated the cloud services such as Box, DropBox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and SugarSync which allow the students to use the cloud services and manage the files.

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