How to Setup Bridge Connections on Windows 10

Setup Bridge Connections on Windows 10.

When you are working in a small home or office networks, the exchange of data and sharing of information amongst all the machines on those networks becomes quite a tedious task. Bridge Connection is a significant solution for these circumstances.

In Windows 10, bridging an internet connection is done so that you can connect two or more networks and make it workable for the machines under those networks to exchange data with one and all. For example, let us consider you have two networks – in one, the machines A, B, and C are connected with cables whereas, in the other one, machines D, E, and F are operating on wireless. So, by building a bridge connection you make it possible for all the five machines A, B, C, D, and E to work on the same network channel. So let us now head towards the steps and see How to Setup Bridge Connections on Windows 10 to attach the PCs functioning on multiple unassociated┬áhome or office networks for inter-exchanging information.

How to Setup Bridge Connections on Windows 10

  • First of all, on the right end of the taskbar look for the Network symbol and move on with a right click on it and thereon opt for Network and Sharing Center.
Right click Network icon taskbar
  • In the next window, pick up the link that is described as Change adapter options in right flank.
Change adapter settings link on the right flank
  • In the emerged window, press and hold the Ctrl key and hit those two or more networks simultaneously that you would wish to Setup in the Bridge connections.
Selection of two networks
  • Perform a right click on either of the networks and hit Bridge Connections option.
Bridge Connections option on right click context menu of adapter
  • A pop up will inform about the progress in the bridge connections.
How to Setup Bridge Connections on Windows 10
  • Bridge connection will thus be set up.
Ethernet 3 showing Bridge connection in Windows 10

There are many other users who confront yellow warning signal with a note that is written as “To create a network bridge, you must select at least two LAN or High-Speed Internet connections that are not being used by Internet Connection Sharing”. Pursue the below steps to get a proper connection –

Error in Bridge Connection
  • Be in the window where you can see all the adapters (see the below screenshot), do a right-click on the wireless adapter and from the arrived contextual menu, select Properties.
Wifi Properties
  • Shift yourself to the Sharing tab and untick the first square cell that is expressed as “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet Connection” and thereupon click Ok button.
Sharing interface of Wifi Properties
  • Attempt the steps mentioned above and the bridge connection will be done.

Microsoft clearly stated that the bridge between internet and network connection should never be attempted as it will generate an unsafe link between the internet and your network and anyone can get through your network which is definitely not a great thing in terms of security.

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    Thank you. I have spent two days trying to set up a network between my computers where one could use the wifi facility on the other via an ethernet cable. Your site is the only one that I found that explained the need for making bridge networks. So simple.