How to share photos on Youtube and set Slideshow

Slideshows are an interesting way to share your photos with your friends. Sharing slideshows on YouTube is possible but earlier, it required you to use utilities as Picasa or Windows Movie Maker to arrange the images as a slideshow and then post them on YouTube  Now, YouTube itself offers a slideshow sharing option where you can create and share a slideshow on YouTube without going anywhere else. This YouTube tips tell you how you can create a photo slideshow on the YouTube.

(i) Once you are in Youtube, click on the Upload button and then under the heading ‘Photo slideshow’ choose the option ‘create’.

(ii) There will be a ‘Upload photos’ section where you can drag and then drop all the photos you want to put up on the slideshow.

(iii) Once these photos are in the Upload section, you can now move these photos around according to the order you wish them to appear. You can also set the duration for the display of each individual slide. The transition effect for the change between slides can also be set.

YouTube also offers the choice of putting up background music to your slide although you cannot add your own audio file.If you do not want your slideshow to come up in Youtube searches then you can adjust the privacy option to ‘unlist’.

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