Sony Xperia Z How To Root with Android Jelly bean 10.1.A.1.350 firmware

The Xperia Z is the smartphone of Sony. It is running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean as well as attractive 5 inch with 1080p HD screen. Sony’s latest series of Android smartphone is fitting more and more developer-friendly. Since Sony is offering authorize bootloader to unlock and releasing kernel sources to the developers to maintain third-party development, this rooting method has come from recognized XDA Developer DooMLoRD source.


Please start the root process at your own risk. Howto-connect will not be answerable for any query if your Sony Xperia Z device gets dead during the process.

Sony Root

How to root the Sony Xperia Z device?


  • At first, unlock the bootloader of your Xperia Z device through the official websites of Sony Mobile.
  • This root process is only for 10.1.A.1.350 firmware version.  Do not precede this tip on any other similar Xperia device.


First Step

  • Firstly, download both modified kernels and insecure stock kernel files by the below-given links. Then rename the modified kernel to mkernel and the stock kernel to skernel.

Modified CF-Auto-Root kernel

Insecure stock kernel

  • Copy the files to the folder where you have the fastboot file.
  • Boot the Xperia Z device into fastboot mode. To do so, press power off button and hold down the Volume Up key for few seconds.
  • Next, plug the USB cable to Xperia device and the Computer.
  • As soon as the Xperia device is connected in fastboot mode, start Command Prompt window and select the path of the kernel.
  • Now enter this command on command prompt.

fastboot flash boot mkernel.img

fastboot reboot

  • Next, the Xperia device will reboot in 10 seconds. Once device boots again, unplug the USB cable and hold down both Power button and Volume Up keys until the Xperia device vibrates three times.
  • Then the Xperia device will switch off automatically.

Second Step

  • Now connect USB cable to the Xperia device and the computer again in fastboot mode and launch Command prompt. Next enter these commands

fastboot flash boot skernel.img

fastboot reboot

Third Step

  • At last, download Busybox installer from Google Play Store and use it to install Busybox to ‘/system/xbin/’ on the device.

As a result Xperia device should now be wholly rooted.

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