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Restore Windows Live Messenger in Windows 8.1 Replacing Skype

run live messenger app Currently Skype is offering first – rate IM capability to windows versions. Now Windows Live Messenger has been integrated into Skype by the Microsoft. But many windows 8.1 users still prefer the old method to do their messaging works using Windows Live Messenger. So a lot of users want to restore the Windows Live Messenger

Skype for Windows 8 update to trade files and photos

 Skype app of Windows 8 includes fabulous feature that allows users to share / transfer Photos and Files to other Skype owners quite effectively. Inclusion would be vital for Windows 8 users who habitually follow Skype to integrate with others. Now such users can share Files, Photos or Documents besides of calling or messaging to

Tips to Backup and Restore Skype Chat History on Windows 7

 Skype is an extensively used Video Calling and Instant Messaging service. None other than Skype has set higher standard to attract massive people across the world for Instant Messaging and Video Calling free. When it happens to bring back earlier Skype conversation on to your account, you hardly have any option for this. Such condition […]

Microsoft Releases Skype for Windows Phone 8 Preview 2.1

 Microsoft has released Skype for Windows Phone 8 Preview 2.1. Using particular application on Windows Phone 8, you may make free Skype to Skype Voice and Video calls quite efficiently. Numerous messages can instantly be sent to friends & relatives with this application. While developing Skype App for Windows Phone 8, each and every aspect

How to make Free International Calls with Skype

skype We make calls to show the solidity with our relatives or friends, who are staying far away physically but attached emotionally to us. Certainly, It is the best way to connect easily with dear one across the country. Whenever people get timing they like to get connected with faraway members. As you know each international calling […]

How To Make Calls Using Skype Over Mobile Phones

skype How To Make Calls Using Skype Over Mobile Phones – This century has seen a number of innovations in communication. We moved from passing letters to video conferencing. An era of communication has arisen i.e. through Internet, and it is illustrated by Skype. Skype is a Microsoft owned, application software that allows us to talk […]

Windows Phone 8 App Preview is released by Skype

 Windows Phone 8 App preview has been released by executive team of Skype a few days ago. As you know it ‘Skype’ had produced easy to use application for Windows 8 and Mac most recently. The positive response encourages Skype team to broad their user base. Reason why inclusion of new one for Windows

Microsoft Introduces Skype in the Workspace

 On 8th November 2012 Microsoft launched Skype in the workspace. As you know Skype application was existed in 2003 later on it was acquired by Microsoft in 2011 to provide dominant presence in the sector of video calling, instant messaging over internet etc. Last one year & more since purchasing Skype, Microsoft does more