How to Fix Teams 2.0 Blue Screen Error in Windows

Tweak to solve Blue screen error appearing after downloading and installing Teams 2.0 in Windows.

Teams 2.0 Blue Screen Error

Microsoft Teams 2.0 has been available since September 2023 but recently some users complained that after installing its desktop or web app BSOD appears on Windows. This Teams client version is mandatory from April 2024 so the system crash is a matter of concern for them. Apart from this, Outlook add-in is missing from the app as several users found after installation. In this post, we will try to fix Teams 2.0 Blue Screen Error.

Just after installing Teams 2.0, the Blue Screen appears, and the system reboots. After rebooting, when you try to log into the app second time the system again crashes. There is no option spare other than installing the previous version Microsoft Teams 1.0 when the issue continues. With the arrival of Teams 2.0, teamsbootstrapper.exe was distributed to large-scale companies to be used by its branches. But teamsbootstrapper.exe can not be installed without an internet connection. Offline installation is impossible for this Teams 2.0 executable. Some users also face termination error 0x80004004 during installing Teams 2.0.

Teams 2.0 Blue Screen Error

Here is how to fix Teams 2.0 Blue Screen Error in Windows:

Modify Registry

A user Michael has created a registry tweak to deal with is Teams 2.0 issue. Deleting a key named Team in the string works:

  1. Press Windows + R and type regedit.exe.
  2. Hit Enter to launch Registry Editor.
  3. Navigate to
  1. Right-click on the key Teams and select Delete.
  2. Restart the computer or Windows Explorer. Now while running the new version of Teams no issue should occur.

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Install Outlook Add-in with Microsoft Team 2.0 (Trick)

Outlook Add-in is missing from Team 2.0 but you can get this using a trick when installing:

  1. Go to this official download page.
  2. Expand the section What did this mean for customers of the cash Teams version? located at the lower part.
  3. From there, click on the link to the classic Teams app. This will be the setup for Teams 1.x client.
  4. Once downloading is completed, run the setup TeamsSetup_c_w_.exe.
  5. You will be asked – Whether you want to switch to the new (Teams 2.x client).
  6. Respond positively and you will notice that both versions of Teams (1.x and 2.x) are available on the Start menu. Outlook Add-in will be also working with Teams 2.0.

Source: Borncity.

Modify Registry
Install Outlook Add-in with Microsoft Team 2.0

That’s all!!

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