Top 10 Online Video Editing Services

The process of editing videos helps you to create videos beauty and remarkable. To do so, you need a great feature supported professional video editing software. But, all the computer based video editing software are paid and expensive. In addition, these software need a solid knowledge of video editing technique and powerful computer. Here comes, online video editing service which can make your work easy. Besides these, most of the online video editing services provide free of cost service as well as handy tools.

online video editing service

Why should choose online video editing services ?

First of all online video editing services are free. Further, these services don’t need powerful computer to download and install anything. Video editing processes are executed online on the website’s servers. Besides these, the services are proved helpful while you work video editing tasks from different locations and with different computers.  Some of these services help you to save your videos on their servers so that you can sign in on different computers and choose target files where you left.

Few limitations of online video editing service

Sometimes Online video editors do not be effective due to some limitations which are as follow.

  • Maximum online video editing services are free, but they are also limited. The limitations are denoted as size limit. You can upload a few videos at a time. If you want to edit one video then it should be of maximum 20 minutes.
  • Most online video editing services are not equipped with a huge number of tools. Some of them present options to compose various videos and add soundtracks or text. But, only a few of them offer options to choose limited effects and filters. If you choose premium account then it offers the better tools to edit your videos in the awesome look.
  • Some online video editing services don’t give the option to share videos with YouTube, social media or generate a link to send to your cloud storage accounts.

Top 10 online video editing services

  • ShotClip
  • OneTrueMedia
  • jwPlayerEditor

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