Top 4 Websites to Create Blogs Free

Best sites to create blogs – The list of the top websites to create the blogs is a very long one. But, the best sites are very less. Many blogs are usually self hosted WordPress blogs, but, the dominating ones are the free blogging websites. Custom domains can be set on such blogs, but there is a different story about these completely free blogs.

When you keep counting the number of these free sites, their numbers may reach above 100, but only some sites are famous as the creators are very reputed and always work forward in giving the best user experience. This is the compilation of some of the best free sites to create blogs.

  • May be the most influential one, because wherever I go this is the name I always hear. There are two sites namely and and both are popularly named wordpress. The only difference between these is that CMS tools for self hosting the WordPress blogs are provided by whereas a space for creating free blogs is provided by as its sub domain. The CMS tools for wordpress saw its launching in the year 2003 and the wordpress was launched in 2005. Till date, it has proved itself to be the most influencing and the superior platform for the blogging.
  • Tumbleblog as it is well-known as saw its launching in 2007 tumblr can be compared to Twitter for the reputation of being the microblogging platform, but, now it is used for regular blogging. It is seeing its use in both the purposes of blogging and microblogging. There are very attractive features which can be used for the customization. Even the own RSS feeds can be used in the tumble blog.
  • Being the most simplest way of blogging, saw its launching in the year 2008 and since then it is in regular competition with the other sites to emerge as the best.
  • Pyra labs was its creator in 1999 and it was acquired in the year 2006 by Google. It was initially named until Google acquired it and named it Now being a Google service, it is now under constant scrutiny to provide best of the service. People usually create their accounts to easily show ads to earn money. it is also in constant competition with other sites to be the best.

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