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Traveling is the most interesting thing man can do. We have all the bounties of natures to explore; also, we have the human-made things to look upon. So, this is a well-known activity that all of us do. We visit known and unknown places, and we cannot go anywhere without having the contextual knowledge of that place. So, at older times people used to carry maps, road marks, many sort of things to remain on the track. Now we use the travel apps to travel to most places. The travel apps save our time by providing short routes, we do not get lost, and they also keep track of nearby places.

What are Travel Apps? These are the electronic applications, which have all the information of all places. They help us to travel accordingly with full familiarity with the places that we are going to travel to. It also contains information of the nearby places. Suppose you went to visit a historical monument, then you need to know a hotel, car hire or any means, famous things or places nearby the monument. These tasks would take time if done manually, but would take a minute or two while finding on your computer or smartphones, using the travel apps.

Which travel apps are available?

There have been many travel apps and live maps, developed since passed some years. It is not possible for us to have all these apps installed for us; moreover, it could create confusion in your journey. So we have some of the best apps for travel that are selected by the experts and over trust of many others. These can make your journeys trouble-free and memorable. Some of them are


It is one of the best travel app available in the market. It is easy, effective and fully loaded app. It is just like having a travel assistant. It helps you to check flight confirmations, hire cars, and book a room in hotels. It organizes all your activities so that you have stress-free journeys.

Supports – iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android Smartphones users

Download Link –


It is also a top travel app free for use. It helps you to find any nearby place such as a hotel, restaurant, hospital, police station, café, and car hire etc. It can be helpful in needs to locate near places.

supports – Nokia, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android Smartphones users

Download Link –


This is a superb app, and it functions as a language translator. It translates almost all language within, so if you hail from any origin, language would never be an issue while you travel. Furthermore, it has a database of more than 50 local and international languages and also a good voice translation.

Supports – iPhone and Android phones

Download Link –

For Both –

Only for iPhone

For Android


It is a cell phone tracking software, that can track and trace your lost mobile phone. This helps you to synchronize all your important data such as contacts, notes, messages, emails etc. It is the best anti-theft app available in market, and once you install it, you can locate your destination with your mobile phone from anywhere. So, if you have this you can roam into streets without any tension of your mobile phone.

Supports – Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android Smartphones, and Galaxy tab users

Download link –

Press Reader

This app can help you in reading your favorite newspaper or magazine while traveling. This has a bulky database of digital copies of more than 2200 newspapers and magazines, from 97 countries. So even you are busy traveling you can always follow your practice of reading.

supports – iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android Smartphones users

Download Link –

These are the top must have apps that you should have while traveling. These apps will help you of your time, money and happiness. Leave your troubles while traveling and enjoy.

If you persist any problems in installing any of the apps, feel free to write to us.

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  1. Thanks for the great app ideas, Vivek. I just got a promotion at DISH that requires a lot of air travel, and some of these apps could make my life a little easier. Trip Advisor and MSpy sound like they could be really helpful apps. There is an app that I will not leave home without; it’s called DISH Remote Access and lets me stream live TV or recordings from my Hopper to my phone over the internet. Flight delays and layovers used to be torturously slow, but now I barely notice the time go by.