How to Turn off or on Facebook Chat for selected friends

Sometimes Facebook’s chat service can be more puzzle than helpful. The facility of facebook’s real-time chat service can create a huge confusion for you if you spend more time with friends. In place of allowing a friend to start real-time chat with you at their urge, you have a better option to turn on chat only for the selected friends at a time. By chance, Facebook has provided options to turn off real-time chat for anyone except those friends you select.

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How to set up Turn Facebook Chat off or on for selected friends

Step 1

At first, sign in your Facebook account in a Web browser. Wait some minutes until your Facebook’s home page loaded completely.

Step 2

Now go to the chat section at the bottom-right corner of the Facebook home page. Here, click on the options button and select Advanced Settings button.

facebook chat settings

Step 3

Then you will get a pop-up named Advanced Chat Settings on the screen. Here check the second tab “Turn on chat for only some friends”.

Next, type the desired names of the people or friends. This process is fast and simple. Facebook will auto complete it for you. Finally click on save button.


If you want to turn off Facebook chat service forever from your account then select the tab “turn off chat”.

facebook advance chat settings window

Now you can be benefitted little extra peace while your Facebook chat section is open.

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