Top 5 Utilities to Analyze and Repair Hard Disk of Your PC

We have already discussed a helpful tip How to check if Your Computer’s Hard Disk Drive is Bad using diagnostic tool.  At this time, we are going to explain new features of a few best tools and top utilities that are used to analyze, defrag and repair hard disk drives. These top utilities will assist you to check health and performance of hard drives through software, and they will identify when something is going wrong.

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Repair Hard Disk

Top 5 Utilities to Analyze and Repair Hard Disk

1.  Monitoring and Benchmarking utilities for Hard disk

At first, you need to scan your hard disk for knowing all the errors. There are large numbers of utilities available on the internet that verifies all sectors of your hard disk. Actually, any hard disk becomes corrupt or performs badly due to bad sectors. It will not only slow down your computer speed but also corrupts your important files, such as – documents, movies, music, and browsers. In addition, these utilities will inform you about current hard disk temperature, health, read and writes speeds.

You may use the following recommended hard disk utilities to monitor your hard disk:

  • Active@ Hard Disk Monitor

2.  Space Manager Utilities

Although the Windows operating system ( OS) allows you to know simply how much free drive space is available in your desktop or laptop. In this context, you may use any disk space manager utilities from below lists that display perfect and complete information about the free space on your hard disk as well as what files or folders take up the most space.

  • SpaceSniffer

3.  Partition Manager Utilities

These utilities will permit you to control the partitions of your hard disk as well as create new partitions or delete older partitions. Besides, these are used to create a bootable USB drive to download windows operating system.

  • Mini Tool Partition Wizard Home Edition
  • EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition
  • Partition Logic

4.  Disk Eraser

If your hard disk is full or if you like to sell it then you have to wipe out data from it.  At this stage, you may use some disk eraser programs to remove all the information at once from your hard disk instead of delete files one by one.

You will need to run a trustworthy program while you get unlucky experience with your hard disk. These problems are considered as bad sectors. In this context, I recommend using HDD Regenerator tool to repair hard disk bad sectors. Please note that the scanning process must be performed using a bootable USB pen drive and it will take a couple of minutes to finish.

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  1. HDD Regenerator


    The tool can recover data from bad sectors and also helpful for repaired Hard Drives. Also the data can be recovered to a Portable Pen Drive.

  2. HDD Regenerator


    This tool is really cool as it can recover data from physically damaged hard drives and can scan bad sectors and recover data from such areas on hard drive.

  3. For Space Manager Utilities, I recommend: Directory Report
    It is faster than WinDirStat