How to upload Photos on Facebook Page direct from webpage to Share Images From Web to Facebook

Sometimes you find funny images on the internet and want to share these images immediately to your Facebook friends. The procedure requires to download all such images in your system then upload it on Facebook page simultaneously share it with friends. These manuals act needs a fair amount of time, causes anguish moment too.

Condition like this prompts you to go with such application, which provides ample support while sharing web page images directly to Facebook friends. Whenever you switch to ‘Upload Photos to Facebook Pages’ application, you will address this issue effectively. The application needs a single click to get completed sharing web images act on Facebook page.

The ‘Upload Photos to Facebook Pages’ is an extensive Google Chrome Tool. You may use a particular application after launching it on Chrome browser. Once you install Upload Photos to Facebook Pages extension on Chrome, an icon appears in Chrome Taskbar. To use particular Google Chrome extension, you need to log in with Facebook account, so that application accesses your Facebook page. Once you give authorization application functions smoothly.

To check application is working or not, just right-click on any web image and select ‘Upload to Facebook Option’. While you complete this act, selected image will be uploaded automatically to Facebook page.

Download Link ‘Upload Photos to Facebook Pages’ (Chrome Extension)

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