How to Use Google docs to conduct online surveys and get constant notifications

The Google docs provide a special spreadsheet layout. These spreadsheet layouts are perfect if you want to use them as an interface to conduct a certain online poll/surveys. The most important plus point of such a Google form is that it is absolutely free. Also, there is almost no limit to the number of people you could include in your survey that effectively raises the authenticity bar of its results. The results are all saved in a separate Google docs sheet that allows smooth analysis of the data obtained.

You are constantly updated by Google docs regarding the progress of the concerned survey through email notifications. The following steps tell you about how you can make a docs sheet and set up the Google docs to notify you through email:-

(i) Create a new form in the Google docs. Put in the necessary fields in the form and save these changes. Then go back to the Google docs and then open the spreadsheet corresponding to that form.

(ii) Click on the option Tools and then click on the notifications rules. Select the option ‘Notify me when a user submits a form’. You may also set the frequency with which you will be notified. You have the ‘email right away’ feature that you may use for mass polls and surveys. You also have the ‘Daily digest’ feature that emails at the end of each day with the complete report.

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