What are Microsoft Office 365 features in April 2018

Windows 10 April 2018 Update made its way out a few days back with brand new gestures, features, ease of access. Microsoft office 365 features in April 2018 got new dimension on its move too. With new additions like unlocking the employee creativity arena, advanced tool kits for teamwork, simple IT things in the modern workplace and offering additional security for the same make it much handy. We will talk about Microsoft Office 365 features in April 2018 in this descriptive section.

What’s new in Microsoft office 365 features in April update 2018?

What are Microsoft Office 365 features in April 2018

Following section is the collection of things to Microsoft Office 365 features in April 2018.

Latest capacities aiming to aid employee creativity

Powerful Ink analysis in MS- PowerPoint

Microsoft tried to provide the maximum freedom to the user creativity in this update. As a matter of fact, they have added advanced technology in text and shape reorganization making it close to natural. MS Office 365 subscribers can now convert any of their handwritten words in to text on the slides. New shapes like hearts and clouds are also beforehand. The most amazing fact is that you can draw the whole slide without even addressing any single shape individually. In addition, convert the same to make more professional. It seems like a magic now. Do everything on your own and Office 365 will make it what you were exactly looking for.

Latest Ink Gestures in MS-Word

Ink Gesture is latest inclusion in Microsoft Word lets the users to convert any handwritten text into doc. Additionally, you can also modify or edit the existing document with Pen. Subscribed users have the authority to split paragraphs into various numbers of lines, joining words, inserting necessary words in texts easily and quickly using pen based gesture. Thus, the feature has opened the door to edit or create a Word file by hand naturally.

AI enhancements in MS-Word for Mac users

Mac users can afford to produce superior documents confidently with the latest AI capabilities in Microsoft Word for Mac book users. People can select some portion of texts or the whole doc file and later on translate in to other languages. So far, users can translate over 60 languages along with 11 neural machine translation languages making it more accurate. Besides, Resume Assistant powered by LinkedIn is still in use for the subscribers.

Editing in the Mobile app for a large number of Subscribers

Office 365 is looking for a big number of subscribed users from Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote for Android and iOS to Office 365 Business Essentials, Office 365, and E1Office 365 F1. When the number is fair enough in next few months, they will make the full version of Office 365 available to be installed in Mobile devices so that to edit, create and share documents anytime, anywhere on the go.

Availability of Office 2019 Preview

Microsoft has announced the preview of Office 2019 only for the commercial customers. This announcement is considered as the first one in the wave of preview release for the Office 2019. Besides, there will be apps for Windows including MS-Excel Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Project, OneNote, Visio, and Access. Soonest few other utilities such as plus the servers like Exchange 2019, Office 2019 for Mac, Project Server 2019, SharePoint 2019and Skype for Business 2019 will launch their previews as well.

Advanced abilities for the Global toolkit to aid teamwork

Added features for MS-Outlook in Apple devices

Outlook is blessed with a wide range of advanced technologies with the latest update. E-mail drafting feature that was prevalent before only in iOS devices, spread now all over. Even in Apple operating system, Draft syncing is easier than before to see where you have left it previously. You don’t need to move to and fro rather heading to the conversation in the inbox only.

Organization View in Outlook

iOS has got new Organization view which prior to enabling will show the position of selective person in a company. Things are not finished here. You can also see the manager, co-workers, and direct reports for that company which will help to flourish business further.

Advanced AI in Outlook to find people

The newly added AI in Outlook helps to understand work habits and communication pattern. Surfacing relevant contacts even outside of an organization lets you to find the right people and accurate resources

The outlook for Windows is enriched with Calendar enhancements:

Microsoft introduced a new option for not forwarding Calendar invitation to the organizers not on the invitation list. Therefore, personal privacy and preserving the original scope of the meeting is well preserved. However, you can see the RSVP status of other persons as an attendee without even organizing a meeting. In addition, making informed decisions about prioritizing your time indirectly is also possible.

Top Ranked Security features for Workplace in Microsoft Office 365 features in April 2018

Advanced Security features added in MS 365 Business

Microsoft pulled the socks up to enhance security features for both of the small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) from cyber threats. Lots of advanced features are upfront with Microsoft Office 365 features in April 2018 to protect unintentional leaking of confidential information and data. Besides, they have added extra protective measures against ransomware and malware.

Enhancement of Enterprise Security

Microsoft officials declared the special security measure for enterprises from Cloud to Edge in the RSA conference held at San Francisco in 2018. Unique intelligence capabilities will help the organizations to stimulate the automatic threat detection, providing necessary responses, phishing attacks, sharply asses the security postures and many.

Simple IT solutions for up to date Workplace

Outlook add-ins got Centralized Deployment

Preview commercial customers can now enjoy Centralized Deployment for Outlook add-ins. With the help of this, the Administrators can deploy Add-ons for PowerPoint, Excel, and Word sharply as well as easily than before. The same feature is valid for Outlook too for an organization, individual users, and groups even right from the Office 365 admin center.

Special aids to make IT management Simple

New capabilities are out now to enhance user experience. This will also reduce the cost of ownership in case of Information and Technology. Improvements in Cloud-based device management, the inclusion of Kiosk Browser in Windows 10 for enabling the delivery of services to customers and first-line workers, and single integrated admin experience in all over Microsoft 365. These latest additions will definitely cut off the number of components necessary to improve user experience, enhance IT control, managing and reducing the risk.

Newly added Multi-Geo Capabilities in Microsoft 365

This is a new option for the multinational organizations to address the global data-residency necessities. In addition, this technology will enable a single MS 365 tenant to give the customers capability to store online exchanges, OneDrive data for a specific location around the globe, span all over the multiple datacenter geographies. Last but not the least it determines on an individual user basis.

Supplying Tools for organizational compliance

The most exciting part of Microsoft Office 365 features in April 2018 is, it will supply required tools and resources to help the organizations meeting up their compliance obligations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) of European Union. This latest capability will help you to explain how your organization has taken the accurate steps in preserving the rights of individuals, privileged access management, and tools for DSR (Data Subject Requests).

Miscellaneous Updates

Users can annotate photos using Inking tools in Office Lens while using iOS and Android devices.

Mac Users have the privilege of chatting with other people while using PowerPoint, Excel, and Word without even leaving the application.

Latest capabilities will make their debut for MS teams along with the rollout of unified presence as well as modern admin panel.

Microsoft Forum is now available across Microsoft 365 commercial users. This is a simple application for creating surveys, polls, and quizzes.

Therefore, this is the simple description of Microsoft Office 365 features in April 2018. We know, these can never be enough to express the highness of April Update 2018. The mighty release a lot more for the users to explore with days passing by. Hope you will have a great time with Microsoft Office 365 as well as whole update in future days.

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