Why should we use Torch Browser of Google

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Torch browser has been developed by Google developer under chromium project. It is free of cost internet browser that offers powerful and fast browsing experience for internet users. The Torch browser contains features like user-friendly edge, easy to install and safety browsing.

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It is part of Google, so Torch browser whole appearance is similar to Chrome browser. I have found out 4 extraordinary features in the Torch browser which are as follow –

Built-in Torrent 

The Torch browser has provided an option to download torrents files openly without support of another torrent tool or downloader. With integrated torrent features in Torch browser, you may download torrent contents like most –loved movies, software easily and by single click.

Torch Torrent download

Media Grabber 

Media Grabber is one of the best features of Torch browser. It permits you to not only search videos and songs simply, but also download or save it from any websites (YouTube, Dailymotion) rightly. The media grabber feature offers comprehensive choice of file formats either video or audio without support of any outside tools.

Torch browser Media Grabber

You may download YouTube videos with Torch browser quickly. To do it,

  • At first, play the preferred YouTube videos in the browser.
  • Then Media button will change into Video button and click on it.
  • Thus, YouTube videos will be downloaded automatically through single click.
download youtube video with torch browser

Easy Sharing

In Torch browser, a Share button has been placed at the top panel. Through it, you may share anything with friends on Facebook and Twitter. To share on social sites about the websites you prefer, and the objects that are remarkable.

share posts from torch Browser

4.  Download Accelerator

The Torch browser has built-in download accelerator feature to get faster the download speed of files. This browser downloads your files in ideal speed and runs openly without any external tools.

Download Torch Browser  From Direct Link 

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  1. this is your ISP Problem.

  2. Sometimes my torch browser downloads torrents at 1.2mb per second , but other times it downloads really slow …like 50 kb per second ….any idea why there is such a speed difference ?? How do I get it to always be at 1.2mb per second

  3. hi,I disconnected my torch with my chrome. now can I connected these together again?


  5. Now, I have again downloaded torch browser. No issue. I am accessing now with torch. what happens with your. Perhaps you should uninstall and then install again.

  6. Hi, I recently downloaded Torch Browser. When I open the browser, it doesn’t connect to the browser. However, when I open Google Chrome it connects so I know it is not a wifi issue. Do you have any ideas of what is wrong?

  7. The built-in torrent is so cool and it works smoothly. Thanks a lot dude!

  8. yes, it is distinguish in downloading and running YouTube video

  9. thanks, it is totally different in running and downloading YouTube.

  10. I will try it. Cheers