Windows 10 Build 18323 Details

Windows 10 Build 18323 came up to insiders on Fast ring level. This update includes major changes in Light theme, RAW image format support, and more. In addition, it has a big list of fixes for different issues and bugs like Night light, Action Center, accent color, Nearby Sharing.

You will receive Windows 10 Build 18323 automatically unless you haven’t disabled or paused Windows update. Still, not got, then navigate to Settings => Update & Security and click on Check for updates.

Windows 10 Build 18323 Changes and Fixes Details

Here are the full information of the build –

Enhanced support for Raw Images

Microsoft had been paying quite a bit of attention to improving many basic features for 19H1. This included getting much better support for the RAW image formats.

Though RAW image is one of the best picture formats, Windows did not have support for some of the proprietary. However, the extension more of an improvised codec package which will be able to activate the RAW file format aid in the Microsoft’s operating system- entered in the Windows supported list of extensions with 18323. By installing it, users will now be able to view the metadata and preview of this type of files. Support is available for the Photos app and other apps using Windows Imaging Component.

Windows Insiders with build 18323 or higher can now download and test the extension. It is still the initial stage. Microsoft is planning to improvise it further targeting 19H1 based on the review and feedback of the users.

Known issues with RAW image extension support
  • Exposing camera properties saved as EXIF/XMP metadata might not work right now.
  • In some cases, when the view state is set to Details Pane and a raw file activating the new codec package is selected, File Explorer may hang.
  • There can be troubles in launching some raw images in Photos application with the help of the new codec pack ( downloaded from store). The images may get stuck at a low-resolution thumbnail image.
Windows 10 Build 18323 Details

Enhanced light theme

The Light theme was brought up with build 18282 and users had a few issues while applying it. With build 18323 Microsoft fixed many of those issues, this considerably enhancing it.

Issues fixed include –

This build offers a fix to the following issues which the users had to face earlier in Light theme –

  • The theme being very light in color, the text written on the battery flyout sometimes was unreadable.
  • In Light theme, the scrollbar in the network flyout was not apparent.
  • Similarly, visibility issues occur with systray’s autoplay icon, white icons in notifications etc.
  • There was a problem related to the network and volume icons in the notification area. Due to it, after switching the themes the icons won’t change from white to black unless explorer restarts.
  • Same issues occur with the supported application icons located in the taskbar while changing dark and light themes.

Another change made in this context includes changing the color of Settings icon in the taskbar to a dark grey shade instead of black in light theme.

Windows 10 Build 18323 fixes, changes, and general improvements

Here is the brief of all the generic improvements, changes, and fixes introduced in Windows 10 Insider build 18323.

  • In Windows security, users may view a new recommendation to turn the recent Tamper protection setting on. This new feature prevents malicious users or software from manipulation of any of the important security settings.
  • Microsoft team fixed an issue that periodically prevented the Update Orchestrator Service from working. Due to such a problem, users used to see a Windows Update error stating the update failed to restart and caused similar issues.
  • This update has the fix for an issue where UI to sign out from Cortana wouldn’t show up by clicking on the user account in Cortana Permissions. This also has an impact on ‘the Change My Name’ button.
  • Microsoft team fixed some issues pertaining to the Night light.
  • Microsoft team fixed an issue where sometimes, recently, the Action Center’s Quick actions section would be missing.
  • Windows 10 Build 18323 includes a fix for a problem ending up with running c:\windows\syswow64\regedit.exe not launching regedit.
  • Microsoft team fixed an issue noticed often on devices with multiple monitors resulting in Task View showing UWP app thumbnails on the primary monitor sometimes rather than the monitor where the app was open.
  • Windows 10 Build 18323 also solves a problem that leads some key labels to cut off in Armenian full touch keyboard layout.
  • The update also addresses an issue where MS Excel would go unresponsive when users closed an open Excel window from the taskbar.
  • The build also addresses a hotkey dysfunction where WIN + Ctrl + <number> hotkey wasn’t working.
  • When you enable using your accent color on the taskbar, the taskbar itself, furthermore the start jump lists, will be accent themed.
  • Microsoft is attempting to improve volume button context menu based on user feedback. For the time being, the developer is favoring on returning the Volume Mixer link in the volume button context menu back to its behavior and usability as of October 2018.
  • Microsoft team fixed an issue pertaining to Microsoft Store themes and extensions. Due to this issue, the Microsoft Edge extensions and themes downloaded from Store didn’t use to appear in their corresponding locations after the download is complete.
  • The update also addresses an issue in the recent builds that impacted Action Center reliability.
  • Microsoft team fixed an issue due to which in the Action Center, users might view several Focus Assist notifications at the same time.
  • Nearby Sharing will be included in the present list of default Focus Assist exceptions.
  • When a user uses the screen snip quick action in the Action Center, then the screenshot taken would have the Action Center in it. 18323 addresses this issues as well.
  • Windows 10 Build 18323 team solved another recently noted issue which resulted in being sometimes unable to launch UWP apps from the Start menu.
  • The build fixes a recent regression that resulted in File Explorer hanging sometimes while interacting with MP4s as well as the folders consisting MP4s.
  • An issue occurs when using the tablet mode – when starting Cortana from Start screen in this mode, Cortana immediately and abruptly closes. The latest build addresses this issue.
  • Windows 10 insider team fixed an issue that impacted Snipping Tool reliability.
  • An issue in recent flight prevented the Ctrl + P shortcut key from activating the Print command in Snip & Sketch. Build 18323 addresses this issue.
  • Microsoft team fixed an issue where Narrator would go silent sometimes when reopening Action Center after dismissing it using the Esc key.
  • Microsoft team fixed an issue where the Narrator would not read out the value of the volume level. This happened when using the hardware volume button for changing the volume setting.
  • Another fixed issue includes the one resulting in crashing of Snip & Sketch when users closed several windows consecutively.
  • Windows 10 insider team fixed an issue whereby rebooting caused Nearby Sharing being set back to an off state despite that the user turned it on.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue in the recent builds that prevent visibility of the preview in Lock Screen Settings.
  • The update addresses the issue of the scrollbar in Settings overlapping the text-fields while manually configuring the IP-address.
  • Microsoft team fixed a rare issue which recently noticed when using the Surface dial. The issue resulted in the screen locking up.
  • Windows 10 Build 18323 also has a fix for the issue that truncated the tooltips in the Emoji Panel on the bottom.
  • Another issue fixed includes the one which listed an update as a successful one in the Windows Update history page despite the failure of Windows feature update. Also, users used to see a Windows Update icon in the notification area indicating an update. This occurred even if no update was available. This issue’s fixed as well.
  • Windows 10 insider team fixed an issue where users were unable to type on the touch keyboard in a few circumstances.
  • The build fixes an issue which caused the screen going black on boot unless the user press CTRL + Alt + Del.
  • Windows 10 insider team fixed some devices that experience more battery drain when it is in Disconnected Standby Mode.
  • Similarly, there was an issue with Korean full touch keyboard layout. It caused pressing the FN key highlighting the IME ON/OFF key unexpectedly. There was also a problem for this language where no tab would appear despite tapping the tab key. Build 18323 resolves both these issues related to the language.
  • With the build 18323, the IME and settings pages will be returning to their October 2018 Update version behaviors.
  • Windows 10 insider team fixed an issue that impacted a few users enrolled in Microsoft Intune. Because of the issue, the users were sometimes unable to receive policies.
  • Microsoft team fixed another issue with Narrator where Narrator command read from current location didn’t work while on a Wikipedia heading.
  • Also, a problem where the Narrator announces read-only at the end for links is solved with this build. The build offers a fix Narrator whose continuous reading command reads a sentence last word twice on a web page in Edge.
  • Microsoft team fixed an issue where users were left with a blank white window when they signed-out from inside Windows Sandbox.
  • There’s also an update on Settings header rollout. Windows Fast using Home and Pro editions Insiders who are non-domain will get this feature.
  • There were also complaints about the grid alignment issue in the Calculator. The update fixes this with the version 1812 of the application.

Windows 10 Build 18323 Known issues

Here are the known issues with the insider build 18323 as listed on a Windows blog site –

  • Microsoft attempted fixing the spike in Update Orchestrator Service crashes. However, you may still see the symptoms is you’re on cash impacted base OS.
  • When you open games that use anti-cheat software, it may trigger a bug check (Green Screen Of Death).
  • The Windows Security app may show some symptoms. It may display an unknown status for the Virus & threat protection field, or may not refresh correctly. Such issues may occur after the upgrade, restart, or settings changes.
  • There are functionality issues with Creative X-Fi sound cards. The team is attempting to resolve this situation.
  • Night light functionality issues are mostly resolved with this build. However, there can still be issues with working of other blue light reduction software.
  • In some cases, the Realtek SD card readers may not function right. Microsoft team is still studying the issue.
  • In some systems, Windows Sandbox might launch as a completely black screen.
  • There’s a bug in the Insider Program Settings pages currently. It is preventing Screen Reader programs like Narrator from performing properly narration. Microsoft assumes a fix will be available with the upcoming build.
  • There can be instances where the taskbar icons stop loading and look blank.
  • Desktop Window Manager may crash. That is if multiple Office/video playback apps are active on the same screen on devices having Multiplane Overlay Support.

Windows 10 Build 18323 Known issues with some workaround

Here are some issues that have a temporary workaround available for the users.

  • On an AMD or Nvidia driver, you may encounter black screens problem while using either of Miracast, Remote Desktop, DisplayLink. Microsoft suggests to run the command – .reg add HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Dwm /v EnableFrontBufferRenderChecks /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f.
  • After updating the functioning of USB devices including mice and keyboards can become restricted. Users can try switching USB port or can try connecting the device through a USB hub.
  • Narrator setting – Change the level of detail the Narrator provides about text and control value may be blank.  As a workaround, use the shortcut Narrator key + v to change the verbosity level. Thereafter, reopen the Settings.
  • There may be instances of two Narrator voices simultaneously talking after you update. Restarting the system must resolve this issue.

The developer chose to lock down some inbox apps to offer their simplified versions. Some features may disappear from these apps as a result. Insiders can get them back by clicking the “Join preview” button in the settings of the app.

Source – Windows Experience blog

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