Windows 10 Build 18855 [20H1] Skip Ahead Details

Windows 10 Build 18855 [20H1] Skip Ahead is out with various enhancements and fixes for Windows Sandbox. In addition, the update also carries several issues for both common users and developers.

You are able to easily grab this build by navigating to Windows Settings, the built-in app. Then go to Update & Security category followed by a click on Check for updates button. Let us explore the details that this Skip Ahead build holds for you.

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Windows 10 Build 18855 [20H1] Skip Ahead Fixes and improvements details

General Fixes, Changes, and Improvements in the Build

  • The text editor Notepad now all by itself restore unsaved content when Windows will restart for updates.
  • Build 18855 [20H1] Skip Ahead enables Microphone in Windows Sandbox. This will eventually enhance several other accessibility scenarios.
  • Another modification that this build carries is that the team adds functionality to configure the audio input device. It will happen through Windows Sandbox config file.
  • Previously, there were issues with Windows Sandbox. Its time zone was not synchronized with the host. However, the release of Windows 10 Build 18855 [20H1] Skip Ahead fixes this problem.
  • The team also enabled the “Shift + Alt + PrintScreen” keyboard shortcut in Windows Sandbox. Doing so will activate the ease of access dialog which eventually enables the high contrast mode.
  • Furthermore, this build also enables the “Ctrl + Alt + Break” key sequence in Windows Sandbox. It will allow entering or exiting fullscreen mode.
  • Upon lid close, monitor unplug or monitor plug, some users were encountering bug checks. This specific rollout fixes the problem as well.
  • Microsoft fixes an issue where the preferred “region settings” get reset on upgrade.
  • The Chinese version of multiple games will work perfectly after installing this build.
  • The problem in memcpy also carries a fix in this release. The problem leads some drivers to hard-hang the system on load. Depending on the system, this eventually presents as a hang on upgrade.
  • One more issue from the recent builds gets a solution here. The monitors will not be missing from the built-in Color Management application.
  • There was an issue where the Explorer.exe crashes down. This occurs for some Insiders when they update the Jump list content.
  • The list of fixes continues as Microsoft resolves one more issue where text scaling values did not persist. This happens across upgrades for Win32 applications.
  • One feature of the Narrator is disabled starting from build 18855. This change is because there was a Narrator reading reliability issue for the feature namely “Change how capitalized text is read”.
  • When changing the IME-based languages to another language, the “touch keyboard” used to crash down. This issue will not occur anymore after installing this update.

Known Issues in Windows 10 Build 18855 [20H1] Skip Ahead

  • Your device may encounter a bugcheck or “Green Screen of Death” (GSOD) when you make an attempt to access games. This occurs when you use anti-cheat software.
  • Though this flight includes certain enhancements in night light, the team is continuing to investigate the issues that are reported.
  • You may require to perform an additional restart for the OS. This is to make sure that Reserved Storage is functioning correctly. However, this extra reboot becomes necessary when you try to Reset this PC moreover select Keep my files on a device that has Reserved Storage enabled.
  • Certain Realtek SD card readers may fail to operate correctly. The team is investigating the problem.
  • Furthermore, Creative X-Fi sound cards fail to function. Microsoft is partnering with Creative to fix this problem.
  • The team is investigating another issue that blocks “VMware” from installing or updating Windows Insider Preview builds. However, Hyper-V is a feasible alternative if it is available.

Known Issues for Developers in Windows 10 Build 18855 [20H1] Skip Ahead

Optional content will fail to function when you make an attempt to switch to either Slow or Fast ring. For example, enabling developer mode will not take place. Therefore, you need to stay in the Fast ring itself. By doing so, you can add/install/enable optional content.

Source – Windows Experience Blog

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