Windows 10 Build 18895 20H1 Comes Resolving Your Phone App

Windows 10 Build 18895 20H1 comes to the insiders Resolving Your Phone App today. The update has exactly the same set of fixes, improvements and known issues as in Build 18894. One difference is the Fast ring build is not available in some versions having specific languages.

You will receive Windows 10 Build 18895 automatically unless you haven’t disabled or paused updates. Still, you haven’t installed, go to Settings => Update & Security => Windows update and click on Check for updates. This build won’t be available for the following versions –

1) Windows 10 Home N x64 in HU-HU and PT-PT,
2) Windows 10 Home x64 in CS-CZ, ES-ES, and KO-KR,
3) Windows 10 Professional x64 in LV-LV and ES-MX.

Windows 10 Build 18895 20H1

Windows 10 Build 18895 20H1 Comes Resolving Your Phone App

Here is the main fix of the update –

  • Cheer up! The Your Phone app now functional again! Microsoft has solved the problem from Build 18894 causing this app to not work.

Windows 10 Build 18895 Known Issues

  • After installing either of the 19H1 builds, you may encounter crashing of your system when running older editions of anti-cheat software on games. Microsoft is trying to solve the issue and asking the partners to update their software. Most of them have launches patches to prevent computers from experiencing this problem. If you want to avoid the issue make sure you have the latest version of your games. The company is also actively working with anti-cheat and developers to fix a similar mess up that may occur with the 20H1 Build.
  • Certain Realtek SD card readers may not work correctly. Redmondians are investigating the issue.
  • Search result on the taskbar will not be apparent when using remote desktop (RDP) to connect to an enhanced session VM. Instead, you will see only a dark area until you restart the process searchui.exe.
  • So long as you reboot your device night light doesn’t work especially when using fast startup. Important to know that the issue will occur on a cold restart or power off/on. As a workaround follow Start => Power => Restart.
  • After receiving the build, when you will drag the dictation and emoji panels you encounter noticeable lag.
  • After installing Windows 10 Build 18895, you will find Tamper Protection turned off in Windows Security.
  • Certain features in the All apps on Start Menu are not localized in languages, for instance, “FR-FR”, “RU-RU”, and “ZH-CN”.
  • When you select color filter it may not bring its effect straight away in the Ease of Access category. To make it working turn off the color filters option and again turn on.
  • On certain occasions, the IME candidate window for East Asian IMEs (“Japanese IME”, “Simplified Chinese”, and “Traditional Chinese”) may not launch. Microsoft is digging in the issue. Navigate to the Task Manager and end the process WindowsInternal.ComposableShell.Experiences.TextInput.InputApp.exe from the Details tab. This workaround should unblock you if you experience this problem.
  • We are aware of an issue with the Bopomofo IME where the character width is suddenly changed to Full width from Half width and are investigating.

Known issues for Developers

  • You will fail to turn on the “optional content”, for instance, developer mode. This problem takes place when you receive a build remaining in Fast ring and then shift to Release Preview or Slow ring. Hence, you require sticking to the Fast ring to install/add/enable optional content. The reason is the optional content will only install on builds acknowledged for specific rings.

Source – Windows blog.

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