Windows 10 and 11 Christmas Themes for 2024

As holidays are upon us, you would definitely prefer to add a pinch of festivity to your computer by using Windows 10 and 11 Christmas Themes for 2024. Themes are the programs frequently applied in order to bring variation in look to your computers. Within a short period of time, numerous themes came to light in this latest OS. Along with themes, there are many other personalization items using which you can decorate your PC. These make the themes least granular as well as allow the users to set all the options individually.

To give your computer a Santa Claus look, we present you with some interesting Windows 11 and 10 Christmas Themes for 2024. These custom themes do not only change the appearance of the computers but also provide lots of features to users. You know that Windows 11 and 10 have a wide range of customized themes but using the same again and again definitely creates a monotonous feeling. Most of you always look for something new and full of variations. So, we will discuss some top-rated themes designed for Windows 10 as well as 11 below in order to give you some idea about their features. So let’s explore some winter festive themes now.

Top Customized Windows 11 and 10 Christmas Themes for 2024

1. Blue Christmas Theme

This is one of the most professional as well as colorful Christmas themes ever made for Windows 10 & 11 OS including its previous versions. Yonited developed this great theme with a view to provide amazing features and ease of access. Let’s have a look at its beautiful set of features.

1. Loaded with certain extraordinary Christmas sounds. Therefore, it usually offers you festive mood before Christmas.

2. Theme contains about 11 charming and subject related Christmas wallpapers in blue color.

3. Screensaver incorporates new Christmas image.

4. Provides desktop icons in Christmas shape.

5. Moreover, it offers advanced dark mouse cursor and other gadgets with Christmas modifications.

6. Super fast installation as no additional tweaks is required. Therefore, just make a click on the themepack and it gets installed instantly.

Grab this theme from – Blue Christmas Theme

Windows 10 Christmas Themes for 2024 Image 1

2. Winter Garden Theme

Nature lovers should give a try to this latest theme and make their PC look like a garden. Developer Hayley Elizabeth came up with this theme containing following specifications.

1. All natural things like close up photos of leaves, trees, focusing on flowers, branches, and berries are available in this theme.

2. It offers the experience of life in cold sitting in your room.

3. Also, let you download amazing as well as eight unique wallpapers for free.

Get the theme from here – Winter Garden Theme

Windows 10 and 11 Christmas Themes for 2024 Image 2

3. Christmas Tree Theme

Get the original Christmas spirit on your machines by downloading and using this specific theme. It incorporates 16 astonishing images of Christmas trees and that too in HD quality. The wallpapers showcase trees decorated with lights and snow, eventually enhancing the Christmas spirit. This is regarded as one of the best Windows 10 and 11 Christmas Themes for 2024.

1. Grab this best Christmas Tree Theme free of cost.

2. The theme is also compatible with the older versions of the OS.

3. Provides awesome 16 super quality wallpapers.

Download the theme from here – Christmas tree

4. Snow Panoramic

In order to offer you a snowfall experience, Desktop fun has come up with this theme. Amazing features and charming background have made this one a must try item for all Christmas lovers. Here are a few significant specifications that may attract you.

1. Theme contains 12 superb images and it can also be used on dual monitors.

2. Stunning panoramic experience pictures of cold regions such as UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, Netherlands.

3. Free landscape downloadable photos from cold countries including snowfall.

4. Enjoy your hot coffee in cold snow sitting on your chair upon application.

Snow Panoramic

5. Christmas Theme

With a blue colored background, you can enjoy the look of Christmas tree on the other half of the screen. Loaded with awesome 16 HD wallpapers, this theme is considered the best during this season. Using this theme doesn’t change the interface of the system. So, you can get the best Christmas experiences in this month of December using this theme. The specifications are as follows:

1. This mind-blowing theme charges no penny from you to download and use.

2. So many Christmas photos and gifts on the desktop will make the Christmas season colorful.

3. Easy to install on the computer and compatible with Windows 10 completely.

4. Offers you 16 unique high-quality wallpapers related to Christmas festivity.

Enjoy this theme by downloading it from Christmas theme

Windows 10 and 11 Christmas Themes for 2024 Image 3

6. Ice Castle Theme

You can pretty smartly deck up your desktop with a bunch of lovely Ice Castle wallpapers. This theme provides you stunning pictures from around the globe of beautiful ice castles. Hence, your waiting days are over now as you can decorate your computer with loving ice castles. Certain important characteristics of this cooling theme are listed below.

1. Marvelous 6 pictures of ice castle are incorporated in this theme.

2. Suits with Windows 11 and 10 operating system very easily.

3. Using this theme also changes desktop orientation into soft icy blue hue.

Windows desktop themes holiday seasons

7. Snowing desktop

Christmas always carries snowfall with it. If you prefer to enjoy snowfall on your desktop, grab two awesome Snowing Desktop themes for Windows 11 & 10 machines. Various tools are available that display dropping snowflakes on your PC.

We have previously described two such tools in our tutorial on How to Add Snowing Desktop to Windows 10.

8. Cursor Snowflakes

This one is a freeware as well as a funny software tool. It is designed to provide the users a winter mood as well as snowing feeling even in hot summer while working with a computer.
Special features of Cursor Snowflakes are mentioned below.

1. Lightweight therefore very easy to apply without installation. You just need to unzip and start using the utility.

2. Snowfall appears on the PC screen with the movement of the mouse cursor.

3. When the movement is increased, snowfall appears bigger.

4. Easy to minimize in the system tray and therefore, you can adjust settings or exit anytime you want.

5. Comes with fine adjustments for Menus and sub-menus.

Cursor snowflakes

9. Custom Windows 11 desktop wallpaper

This is an official Wallpaper from Microsoft created by Kervin Brisseaux. He is a Haitian American creative director who modulates influences of the updated design of Windows 11 with the magical, vibrant nature of the holidays.

Custom Windows 11 desktop wallpaper


A theme modifies the appearance and working environment on the computer. We always prefer Variation in everything. Themes bring different taste while working longer with PC. We have listed some top-rated themes in above discussion with their specifications. These are full of colors and can bring change to your system. Therefore, you can download the Windows 10 and 11 Christmas Themes for 2024 and make your work more attractive limiting boredom.

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