Windows 10 Insider Version 1909 18823 19H2 Comes out!

Windows 10 Insider Version 1909 build 18823 is in line for development! Yes, the work on 19H2 has reportedly begun already.

Windows 10 Version 1909 18823 will mark the beginning of Windows 10 19H2 update development process. While 19H1 is still being reviewed and in the last stages of development, getting ready for its release in April, getting to know about 19H2 might be interesting for a Windows enthusiast. However, it is going to be long before we’d probably get a preview of 19H2 and the features or changes it comes with.

Windows 10 Insider Version 1909 18823 19H2

Windows 10 Insider Version 1909 18823 19H2 development spotted from build number leaks

If you are Microsoft enthusiast following closely with the latest stuff, you probably heard about the stories of Windows 10 build number leaks. After Build Feed page shut down just a few days back, Adguard takes up the source, giving us further interesting insights into Microsoft’s developments. So the story goes on.

Well, it was possible to spot the potential 19H2 developments because of the build number leak. It indicated a build number which is different from 19H1 builds.

Among the listed 19H1 builds you can see 18324.1. Here, ‘1’ after the decimal (instead of 1000) denotes the first version. This implies that this is the first version that saw the completion of the new Windows 10 the development. On the other hand, 18823 clearly differs from the sequel and appears as 18823.1000.

We might get some insider previews of Windows 10 Version 1909 18823 (19H2) probably by the fall of 2019. Now that this is far, let’s get our focus back on the upcoming major update and its features!


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