Windows 10 – How to Access and Utilize Mobility Center Settings

If you want to customize the main settings of your Windows 10 laptop, directly launch Windows Mobility Center on your screen. Windows Mobility Center is one of the main constituents of Microsoft Windows which has been found with the introduction of Windows Vista. Before heading more, make a note that Windows Mobility Center will not be accessible in the computers which are not portable. The users who have Windows 10 installed on their laptops, Ultrabook or tablet will be able to take benefit of Windows Mobile Center and utilize it.

Now coming back to its description, it allows the users to control or change the settings of the important components of their system. It has a user-friendly interface with a sequence of some tiles on its window, each representing a portion of information. The items listed by the tiles totally depend on the manufacturers of the device. So don’t get tensed. The general and most used are present in almost all the systems.

In this tutorial of Windows Mobility Center in Windows 10, we will cover its entire details, starting from its accessibility to use its tiles and a lot more. Have patience till the end of this post because you are really going to get some interesting knowledge. Let the learning begin!

How to Access Mobility Center in Windows 10

There are a couple of ways which lead to the launch of Windows Mobility Center on your screen. You can follow any of them as per your comfort.

Start Menu

The first process is via Cortana Search merely underneath the Start Menu. Hit the Cortana icon, type Mobility Center in the search area at the lowermost part.

Mobility Center

You will notice it in the result. Click on it to open.

Control Panel

Another way to get into Windows Mobility Center is from the Control Panel. First, open the Control Panel. Among the different categories, look for Hardware and Sound.

Hardware and Sound link on control panel

Under Hardware and Sound window, click the Windows Mobility Center option.

Windows Mobility Center option on hardware and sound window

Power User Menu

Right click on the Start icon on the Taskbar. You will notice a list of options. It is called Power User Menu. You can even use the keyboard shortcuts of Windows and X keys to launch this Power User Menu on the screen. Look carefully, the Mobility Center is the second option on the arrived list. Click and open it.

Mobility Center on power user menu

When you open Windows Mobility Center on your Windows 10, it will look something like this, each tile representing each component of your system (See the screenshot below). Rather than navigating the complicated ways to open the components for simple settings, you will get all at one place, which saves your time and energy. Below is the list of tiles that are present in the laptop using Windows 10

  • Brightness
  • Volume
  • Battery Status
  • External Display
  • Sync Center
  • Presentation Settings
open Windows Mobility Center window

The settings of each tile will carry out in the next part of this post.

How to Set the Brightness in Windows Mobility Center in Windows 10

The first tile of the Windows Mobility Center is the Brightness. The name and look of the tile itself explain you everything. Use the slider to adjust the display brightness of your Windows 10 laptop screen. Of course, reduce the brightness, the better will be the life of the battery. You might have used this setting in a different way, but here as mentioned before, all at one place.

 set the brightness toggle

How to Set the Volume in Windows Mobility Center in Windows 10

The method of using the Volume tile is same as the Brightness tile. If you wish to put the sound into a silent mode, check the Mute box. Drag the slider to left or right to increase or decrease the volume. Adjust it to the level you want.

set the volume tile

How to Set Battery Status in Windows Mobility Center in Windows 10

The Battery Status tile exhibits you the percentage of remaining power. It also permits you to select the preferred power plans from the drop down menu. When you click on the drop down menu you will notice three power plans are listed. The Balanced power plan is selected by default. Its’ performance is automatic and creates a balance between the performance and its usage. The Power saver option lets the resources provide their maximum performance. You can keep on changing the options and experience yourself which power plan suits best for your laptop.

change power plan tile

How to Set External Display in Windows Mobility Center in Windows 10

The option of connecting to the external display will not be obtainable if you are not using a laptop or tablet. This tile will enable your laptop connected to the external display. You will see an option Connect Display in the External Display tile. A click on the Connect Display option will prompt up a charms list on the right edge of your screen exhibiting you different projecting options to choose from. You can view this list through Control Panel also or by simply pressing Windows and P keys on your keyboard.

connect display button

Below are the four projecting options and their workings –

  • PC Screen Only – The external display will be turned off when this option is being selected because it chooses only the computer screen, the one on which you are working.
  • Duplicate – When you opt this option, you will see the exact thing on the connected monitor that you are able to see on your PC screen.
  • Extend – It is the extension of your PC’s display screen on the connected external screen.
  • Second Screen Only – It will switch off the display of your laptop’s screen by making the connected screen as the main screen.
pc only project

After the completion of your preferred external display, you might require to executing certain modifications of your screen resolution. This facility is not built in Windows Mobility Center. To carry out the modifications, go to your Desktop, right-click on an empty area and select Display settings. Then carry out the needed modifications. In case you think you went wrong with the modifications, the 15 seconds timer of Windows will display the real settings when the new one fails to perform.

display settings option

How to Use Sync Center in Windows Mobility Center in Windows 10

When you click on the Sync Setting option of Sync Center you will get into the Sync Center window. Dropping down the details of Sync Center here will be a massive thing. We request you to go the below link and get the information related to it.sync settings tile

How to Set Presentation Settings in Windows Mobility Center in Windows 10

Last but not the least tile of Windows Mobility Center is of Presentation settings. This option is the simplest of all the settings of the presentation. If you are working first time on this setting from this component, click Turn On button of Presentation Settings tile of Windows Mobility Center.

presentation settings tile

This action will then lead to the pop-up of new Presentation Settings window which will inquire you about performing a presentation. (In case this new window doesn’t pop up automatically, click on the icon of the Presentation Settings and you will get its new settings window on your screen).

presentation settings window

In the new Presentation Settings window if you select the first option I am currently giving a presentation, Windows will then deactivate all those power settings which might switch off your screen display and turn all the notifications of the system to the mute mode.  You can modify the other options like the turn off the screen saver or the volume settings. You can even change the background of the desktop so that it doesn’t affect your presentation.

Now to connect your laptop to another display, go to the External display tile and click on Connect display. Then abide the steps that have been mentioned in the External display section.

My Opinion

Windows Mobility Center is the best component where you can perform so many settings. If you are using any Windows 10 portable device, this is the most helpful application you will ever experience. Those users who have not experienced it till now are requested to have a look at Windows Mobility Center and experience a new way of settings things. The most interesting thing is the Presentation one. Making a presentation has never been so easy in Windows 10.

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  1. Gerald Lotto


    This really should be something that one could add to action center! I put a shortcut on my desktop but I would much rather have it on the taskbar or action center. I will get used to the “power users” menu off of right click start, but that is not something I’m accustomed to doing.

  2. Not so fast…my mobility center still has the WLAN disabled/working button, which I did not see mentioned.
    My point is W10 has elected to disable the WLAN. I can’t change that button. I have one working line to my router with a top speed of 25mps vs. my typical 100 plus mps. speed. I’ve been wondering what the heck has happened to my line speed since beginning the “beautiful transition” from W7.
    I have a few suspected culprits to this daily problem. It is your bad luck that I stumbled to your explanation.
    Please contact me. I think there are multiple failures ruining my day, each and every day. Thanks.