Windows 10 Product key Home, Pro, Enterprise – How to Change

Activation not only makes your PC genuine but also it saves from various viruses’ attacks. If you have already a genuine file of windows, then you need not require a product key while upgrading to a new build. However, if you have changed your product key, it might be that your PC is no longer activated.

Here, in this article, we will show you how to change your current Windows 10 Product key Home, Pro, Enterprise. This article also consists of some of the Product Key provided by Microsoft. Look at the end of the article for Product key and Activator.

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How to Change Windows 10 Product key Home, Pro, Enterprise

We will tell you three ways of Changing Windows 10 Product key Home, Pro, Enterprise. You can choose either option which suits you the most.

Note: – You need an active Internet connection while activating your windows.

Method One: Using Command Prompt

  • Open the Command prompt on your PC.
  • In the command prompt, type slmgr/ipk Product Key.
  • In the above line, put down your actual 25 digit product key number instead of Product Key.
product key on command prompt
  • This is the easiest way to activate your windows.

Method Two: Using Settings of Your Windows 10

  • Open Settings (present in the start screen) and then select Update & Security icon. A screenshot is shown below consisting of all the steps required.
settings window to change the product key
  • In the Update and Security tab, select Activation.
Windows 10 Product key Home, Pro, Enterprise How to Change image 1
  • This will open the Activation Tab which is shown below. Click on Change Product Key and this will ask for the administrative right to move further. Just click on yes.
Windows 10 Product key Home, Pro, Enterprise How to Change image 2
  • A new window will open up which is shown in the screenshot below.
activation pop up
  • First, put down your 25 digit product key number. It will start activating your windows. Once it read your Product key, click on Next.
  • This will activate your windows. A message will be shown on the screen “You’re now running a genuine version of window”.

Method 3: Using System present in your Control Panel

  • At first, right-click Start and select Control Panel.
Windows 10 Product key Home, Pro, Enterprise How to Change image 3


  • Note that the same system can be opened up by following sequence i.e. Control Panel >> System. This one is indicated in the below image.
Windows 10 Product key Home, Pro, Enterprise How to Change image 4
  • Go to the bottom and click on “Change Product Key”.
Windows 10 Product key Home, Pro, Enterprise How to Change image 6
  • Now follow the same procedure from 3-5 steps of the above method.

Windows 10 Pro Product Keys and Activator

To activate Windows 10, you will require product keys. Some of the product keys for different build-ups are given below. These product keys are provided by Microsoft itself.

  1. Windows 10 Pro Product Key – 334NH-RXG76-64THK-C7CKG-D3VPT
  2. Windows 10 Pro Activator


All the product keys mentioned in this article are genuine and have been tested. Choose one among the multiple product keys which match your PC specification and you are done. Some more product keys for Windows 10 Pro –


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    i bought laptop with preloaded windows 7 but wasn’t aware about recovery and backup at that time and reload a pirated version of windows from my friend later i didnt able to use my original windows, laptop was given to me was bought in USA and is sony model,
    i have product key in sticker but the same is not recognized by windows website and is directing me to go to sony… dont know what to do ,,
    how can i upgrade to windows 10.. please help me out

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