Windows 11 build 22449.1000 RS_PRERELEASE Dev Channel

Rs_Prerelease update Windows 11 build 22449.1000  for the insiders in Dev Channel changelog, bug, fixes changes, and known issues.

Windows 11 build 22449.1000

Windows 11 insiders in the Dev channel are receiving a new update with a large number of bug fixes and changes. Actually, the Dev channel is shifted back to the active development branch aka RS_PRERELEASE. So, Windows 11 build 22449.1000 is released for the channel. Although recent news this build is absolutely in raw state and creating several types of issues. Even I am facing abnormal behavior of Search panel, lock screen, context menu and many more.

If you have opted Dev channel then Windows 11 build 22449.1000 will be installed automatically on your computer.

Windows 11 build 22449.1000 Changes, bug fixes, and known issues

Here is the changelog –

First of all, a great number of Windows insiders are encountering Taskbar and Start menu not working. Microsoft officially came up with a solution for this; follow –

  1. Open Task manager using CTRL+ALT+DEL
  2. Click ‘More details’ on the compact view of the Task Manager.
  3. Next, click “File” and select “Run new task”.
  4. Type “cmd” in the “Open” field and press enter.
  5. Copy the following and paste into the command prompt –
reg delete HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\IrisService /f && shutdown -r -t 0
  1. Hit enter and let your PC reboot. After restarting, everything should be back to normal.

Changes and Improvements

  1. After installing Windows 11 build 22449.1000, the boot screen will demonstrate a progressive ring animation for loading the Operating System. Earlier you could see an animated circle of dots. The insider team is working to substitute this animated circle of dots in other fields of the OS over time.
  2. Bluetooth & Devices Settings page will appear after right-clicking on the Bluetooth from Quick Settings.
  3. The startup sound will no longer be audible subsequent to an unattended update (means a scheduled Windows update when you are not at your PC).
  4. You will find a link to the personalization settings of touch keyboard from Typing => Touch Keyboard to help improve discoverability.
  5. You can enjoy an acrylic background for notifications.
  6. The rollout updated animations in the notification bringing you to Windows Hello if it hasn’t been set up.
  7. The dev channel rollout updated the dialog to show round visuals when closing Windows Sandbox.
  8. The Rs_Prerelease update managed the Notification Center design to make the application name more visibly distant from the notifications.



  1. In case, you have enabled to automatically hide the taskbar, it will be invoked properly by hovering over the Taskbar corner or lowest part of secondary monitors.
  2. Windows 11 build 22449.1000 “RS_PRERELEASE” fixed a problem that could make the calendar flyout get in a state where only the week names would load and not the calendar part.
  3. The experts have addressed the lunar calendar that would miss synchronization with the actual date in the calendar flyout.
  4. Extra clocks added to the calendar flyout will update to show the updated time format.
  5. The active Desktop should not be changed on Hovering over one of the Desktops in the Task View flyout.
  6. Windows 11 build 22449.1000 RS_PRERELEASE Dev channel allows screen readers to access the name of the Focus Assist button in Notification Center.
  7. Fixed incorrect font in the Taskbar previews.
  8. The Windows 11 Insider experts exercised to make explorer.exe more reliable when using the Taskbar on multiple monitors.


  1. The professionals there mitigated the Mail app not that was unable to accept keyboard input into the address/subject lines of a new email sometimes.
  2. They also solved a deadlock related to input because of that windows didn’t respond to mouse input, Search, Start, and the emoji panel.
  3. After installing Windows 11 build 22449.1000, suppose you’re running a tablet or 2-in-1 device in tablet posture, the OSK should be invoked when tapping cmd to input text without having to tap the touch keyboard button.
  4. The keyboard name N’Ko should now be demonstrated properly in the input flyout when added to the input list.
  5. The professionals addressed an animation issue that was occurring with the shadow when opening the emoji panel or voice typing.
  6. Pinyin IME was taking a significant amount of time to start. The team has made some performance improvements to fix this.
  7. They addressed Pinyin IME that would get stuck in a broken state moreover crash that could result in no longer being able to type anything.
  8. Also, build 22449.1000 build RS_PRERELEASE  fixed Japanese IME didn’t lock Kana input mode and reverted it to Romaji input mode after inputting a single character while UAC was disabled or using Windows Sandbox.
  9. The professionals there fixed an issue that when you insert multiple prolonged sounds in a row with Japanese IME, the first one and the remaining ones were inserted with different character codes.
  10. In Windows 11 build 22449.1000 (rs_prerelease), They addressed some cases where you wouldn’t see anything when trying to unfold the input switcher (Win+Space), including when using Windows Sandbox.
  11. They fixed angry-looking emoji returning problem showing after searching for “sad” in the emoji panel.
  12. The experts made some tweaks to fix rendering with certain characters when writing vertically, for instance writing Japanese vertically with Meiryo UI.
  13. They did some work to address a left mouse click button on the precision touchpad getting stuck and stop working.
  14. Also, from this rollout, Inputting ALT key codes on the number pad should work now when using the Japanese IME.
  15. Windows 11 build 22449.1000 addressed an issue that was making Alt-Gr sometimes get ignored when a client RDP window was active.
  16. The professionals there made a change to help address characters getting dropped when typing with the Korean IME into certain win32 text boxes.

File Explorer

  1. Moving certain apps’ windows would be very sluggish if a window of  File Explorer was also visible on the screen.They addressed this issue.
  2. In Windows 11 build 22449.1000 rs_prerelease, the command bar should now be properly mirrored in Hebrew and Arabic and they fixed some positioning when using the command bar flyouts in those display languages.
  3. The Insider team experts Mitigated an issue impacting explorer.exe reliability.
  4. They settled a text rendering problem with the apostrophe in the Move Folder dialog.
  5. Network discovery is turned off message in File Explorer will now take you to a more relevant location rather than the main page of Network Settings.
  6. The rollout has fixed an underlying issue that is believed to be the reason for explorer.exe crashing when using the paste button when right-clicking in File Explorer.


  1. Windows 11 build 22449.1000 rs_prerelease settled a bug that was causing the battery level shown for connected Bluetooth devices in Settings to get stuck and look out of date.
  2. The contrast problems in Sound settings should be settled that was occurring when using the Desert contrast theme.
  3. The professionals addressed selecting 5.1 audio type in Sound Settings that wasn’t sticking.
  4. The control in the Sound Settings volume mixer should no longer unexpectedly be variable lengths.
  5. On Windows 11 build 22449.1000 rs_prerelease, the Searching Windows link on the “Search Permissions page” located in Settings functions and should no longer crash Settings when the indexer is not running.
  6. The rollout addresses underlying problems that could end up with display positions and settings being unexpectedly forgotten.
  7. Profile picture residing in the top corner of Settings has poor scaling sometimes.
  8. The time format located in the Power & Battery Settings should now follow the preferences made by you.
  9. This rs_prerelease build addressed the brightness won’t be lowered on clicking the high brightness warning in Power & Battery Settings.
  10. The Settings page for Video Playback should no longer display battery options for devices without batteries.
  11. The rollout changed the spelling of Santali and Malaysia (TA-MY) in Language Settings to solve them when using the Tamil display language.
  12. The team fixed navigating to Lock Screen was crashing Settings problem that was occurring sometimes.
  13. Only allow Windows Hello sign-in for Microsoft accounts on this device setting in Sign-in Settings will now only show for accounts where this option is supported.
  14. On Windows 11 build 22449.1000, you are able to now select the text of the update names in Windows Update History if you would like to copy them out.
  15. This build addressed crashes that were occurring when clicking on some of the links in the Advanced Options page of Windows Update Settings.
  16. You can see correct number of updates in Windows Update History instead of 0 for every category.
  17. After receiving this update, BitLocker link in Settings will no longer break if it’s clicked on devices where it’s not supported.
  18. rs_prerelease update settled a few places in Settings where Narrator wasn’t reading items, including making an update so it will now announce success after pairing a device.
  19. Options located Personalization Settings aren’t supported when a contrast theme has been selected will no longer be enabled.
  20. The Windows insider team fixed the settings crashing that occurred within Windows Sandbox.
  21. Furthermore, they fixed a hang relating to the input flyout that was causing Quick Settings to hang and not launch.
  22. The edit button in Quick Settings would go missing sometimes. They did some work to address this.
  23. Windows 11 build 22449.1000 settled a deadlock that was ending up with cellular data on/off values not matching between Quick Settings and Cellular Settings page.
  24. Also, Quick Settings shouldn’t be clipped now when using Magnifier.
  25. The build addressed the Duplicate option under the Project flyout in Quick Settings that didn’t work in some cases.

Logging in and Authentication

  1. After getting this version installed, the icons shown in Windows Spotlight text on the lock screen should display appropriately and not look like boxes sometimes.
  2. In this build, the startup sound should no longer play while updates are in progress.
  3. The experts from the team have tweaked the buttons on the UAC dialog so that the pressed state may look consistent with other buttons.
  4. The image in the Windows Hello notification is appearing when using light mode.
  5. The team has corrected the font of Getting things ready for you text (Segoe UI Variable) appearing after an update.
  6. The professionals did some work to help reduce potential banding effects on the getting things ready screen once first setting up a device.
  7. Additionally, they addressed Number Lock state that did not continue during a Fast Start reboot.
  8. Lock screen was appearing blank with the default image when slideshow was chosen combined with Automatically pick accent color from my background in Personalization settings. Windows 11 build 22449.1000 has fixed this issue.

Bluetooth and Devices

  1. Windows 11 build 22449.1000 rs_prerelease solved paired Bluetooth LE devices that were creating an increase in Bluetooth reliability and bugcheck after resume from hibernate or when Bluetooth was turned off.
  2. Certain paired devices crashed and were unable to use Bluetooth. The update has fixed this problem.
  3. The dev channel rollout mitigated unexpected beeping in some devices and volume lower than expected. Occasionally Windows Audio service hangs, and the volume seemingly getting stuck. It is also mitigated.
  4. Experts in the team addressed certain scanners not working issue.
  5. The professionals in the insider team fixed unexpected brightness changes when adding a monitor, closing then opening a laptop lid, changing resolution or orientation (including auto-rotation) or a in-game setting or a full-screen mode at a different resolution.
  6. In the newly installed build, a new display driver being installed should no longer re-enable disabled devices and graphics cards.


  1. Max/Min buttons residing in the title bar of some apps should no longer be distorted after disabling a contrast theme.
  2. Windows 11 build 22449.1000 fixed an explorer.exe crash that could occur when using ALT + Tab.
  3. In Alt+tab and task view, keyboard focus will be simpler to view.

Microsoft Store

  1. The dev channel update fixed the install button that might not be working in restricted scenarios.
  2. The rollout fixed reviews and ratings that were not showing for some apps.

Chat from Microsoft Teams

  1. On, rs_prerelease update Hebrew and Arabic languages will let Teams Settings change.
  2. The experts in the insider team fixed if you were making an outgoing call, there was no ring tone, but the UI would show that the call is getting connected.


  1. The launch performance of Task Manager is made better in some scenarios where it was unexpectedly very slow.
  2. Experts addressed certain applications that sometimes get the wrong color profile in multi-monitor scenarios.
  3. Additionally, they fixed an underlying crash that disabled the screenshot and recording options in the Xbox Game Bar.
  4. Also, they addressed an underlying app deployment problem believed to be the basic reason for Windows Security not opening on a few devices.
  5. In this version, Windows Boot Loader text should correctly say Windows 11.
  6. They fixed the logo in the Store apps troubleshooter.
  7. They put some effort into WSL2 that should improve the reliability and performance of the localhost relay.

Known issues


  1. You will not get this update if you have enabled  WDAG enabled.
  2. They are trying to fix  WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR that occurred on certain Surface Pro X devices having bugcheck.


  1. Search on start and taskbar might not allow entering texts in some cases. As a solution, hit WIN + R on the keyboard to launch the Run dialog box and then close it.
  2. Both the Windows Terminal and System are not appearing on WIN + X menu.


  1. On Windows 11 build 22449.1000, the Taskbar will sometimes flicker when switching input methods.


  1. In the rs_prerelease update, Search panel may not open on clicking the icon. If you face this issue, restart the Windows Explorer, and try to open the panel again.
  2. The search panel might look black and empty.

File Explorer

  1. When right-clicking files in OneDrive locations in File Explorer, the context menu will dismiss. This occurs when hovering over entries that unfold sub-menus, such as Open with.


  1. The widgets board may look blank. To work around sign out and then sign back in again.
  2. In this update, Widgets may be shown in the incorrect size on external monitors. Having confronted with this problem,  launch the widgets through hotkeys WIN + W or touch on your actual PC display in starting and then launch on the secondary monitors.

Windows Sandbox

  1. Windows Sandbox may not launch for certain Insiders after installing this update.

Microsoft Store

  1. They are continuously working to make search relevance better in the Store.


  1. There is an issue where some Insiders may be missing translations from their user experience for a small subset of languages running the latest Insider Preview builds. To confirm if you have been impacted, please visit this Answers forum post and follow the steps for remediation.

Download the iso when available from here – Dev channel build

Source – Windows insider blog.

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