Windows 11 Build 22621.2213 KB5029351 Update is available for 22H2

New RP channel update KB5029351 Windows 11 Build 22621.2213 bug fixes, improvements, changes, and the ways to download and install.

KB5029351 Windows 11 Build 22621.2213

Multiple improvements and bug fixes are included in a build distributed for the 22H2 Version of Windows 11 Insider Release preview channel. These are app defaults, hover behavior to the search box gleam, Group policy, API designed for D3D12 Independent Devices, and many more. KB5029351 is the update that increases the 22H2 version to Windows 11 Build 22621.2213. This distribution brings bug fixes for WS_EX_LAYERED window, excessive CPU usage, Remote Desktop sessions, TAB key, and several others.

Full name of this release is 2023-08 Cumulative Update Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64 based-system. See about the previous build – Windows 11 KB5028254 RP Channel update Rolled out to 22H2. Let’s look at what is new in this release:

KB5029351 Windows 11 Build 22621.2213 bug fixes, changes, and improvements

Here is the changelog:

New changes

  • KB5029351 LCU adds new functionality that affects app defaults.
  • This Windows update introduces a novel hover interaction to the search box gleam. When you hover your cursor over it, the search flyout box will be displayed. You can customize this behavior by performing a right-click on the taskbar and selecting Taskbar settings to modify your search box interaction.
  • In this release, a fresh policy named Enable optional updates has been introduced. This policy empowers administrators to set up monthly optional cumulative updates for commercial devices. Additionally, this policy can also be utilized to facilitate gradual Controlled Feature Rollouts (CFR).
  • Windows 11 Build 22621.2213 RP Channel brings daylight saving time or DST changes for Israel.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • This rollout addresses a problem impacting the Group Policy Service, which previously did not wait for the default 30-second network availability time. Consequently, this led to incorrect processing of policies.
  • This update introduces a fresh API designed for D3D12 Independent Devices, offering the capability to generate multiple D3D12 devices on a single adapter.
  • KB5029351 CU addresses a concern impacting a WS_EX_LAYERED window, where the window’s rendering might exhibit incorrect dimensions or positioning. This issue arises specifically when the display screen is scaled.
  • This update addresses a problem concerning print jobs directed to a virtual print queue, where these jobs were failing silently, without displaying an error message.
  • This update addresses a problem that leads to excessive CPU usage, which arises upon activating the fBlockNonDomain policy.
  • Windows 11 Build 22621.2213 RP Channel resolves a concern impacting disk partitions, where the system could potentially experience a halt after deleting a disk partition and allocating the reclaimed space to an existing BitLocker partition.
  • This rollout addresses a problem resulting in Windows encountering errors, particularly when utilizing BitLocker on a storage medium characterized by a substantial sector size.
  • This update resolves a concern impacting Remote Desktop sessions, where occasional incorrect error messages are displayed when attempting to sign in to a session.
  • KB5029351 rectifies a problem concerning the search icon, while selecting it fails to open the Search app. This issue occurs specifically after a machine has been in a sleep state.
  • This update enhances the dependability of the Search app.
  • This update addresses a concern related to the TAB key, where utilizing it to navigate through search results necessitates extra steps.
  • Windows 11 Build 22621.2213 resolves a problem impacting Narrator, where it fails to provide clear differentiation between the search box on the taskbar and the highlighted search content within the search box.
  • This rollout addresses a problem concerning Start menu icons, where they are absent following the initial sign-in.
  • This update rectifies a problem related to settings synchronization, where the syncing of settings does not occur despite activating the toggle on the Windows backup page within the Settings app.
  • Finally, this rollout resolves a concern that impacts the Resultant Set of Policy (RSOP), where the reporting of the Windows LAPS BackupDirectory policy setting was not functioning as intended. This issue specifically arises when the setting is configured as 1, denoting Back up to AAD.

How to download KB5029351 and install

  1. Press Windows+S and type updates.
  2. Hit the Enter key and once the Settings page opens, click on Check for updates.

KB5029351 Download link:

Source: Windows blog.

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