Windows 8 Product Guide for Business Download link, Features

windows 8 Product guide of businessMicrosoft has published a Windows 8 Product Guide for Business user in September 2012.  Now, it can be downloaded from Microsoft websites. This  product  guide gives a complete glance about all latest features in Windows 8 which is significant to enterprise and business users. Microsoft  has given details in this product  guide like how Windows 8 works better than Windows 7 in order to basics like computer speed, trustworthiness and protection.

In this guide, tips about Windows 8 tablets has been found and business users can easily know about mobility along with productivity during access of Windows 8. Windows 8 presents enterprise-category security characteristics that assist business users to keep up extra safe against malware interruption. On other hand enhanced protected data encryption features has been also included. It will present extended alternative connectivity ideas along with helpful productive solutions to mobile clients.
Windows 8 is sufficient for businesses purposes because it brings a lot of simple solutions to feel better experiences.
Download link of Windows 8 Business Product Guide

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