EncryptOnClick – Tool to Encrypt / Decrypt Files, Folders in Windows

Act of protecting data from unauthorized access is something that everyone has to do. The best way of applying protection on all such important data is to Encrypt it. Though many more applications in market are available to Encrypt your important files or folder containing data. I am going to introduce one of them, which gives more protection within single click.

The ‘EncryptOnClick‘ is single click utility tool. It allows users to encrypt/decrypt files or even folders without taking too much time. To encrypt file or folder’s data this applicationĀ use 256-bit AES encryption method. Unicode enabled files of any language can also be encrypted through this application. It is not only for encrypt – decrypt file or folders but also compress – uncompressed file.

Users want to encrypt file or folder will have to install this application. To install ‘EncryptOnClick’ application click on the picture just below:

encryptonclick download link

Now, I am mentioning all successive steps to install ‘EncryptOnClick’ application.

  • Install encryption application after accessing above link
  • Select file or folder, which has data to encrypt
  • Then after put password in next windows and press ok

These simple steps are enough to apply maximum protection to your selected data. After applying encryption users can’t access data without putting existing password.

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