Windows 8 Shortcut Keys – Keyboard Applications

Windows 8 Shortcut Keys – Keyboard Applications – Windows 8 inducts a brand new feature called Metro User Interface. The awesome interface is introduced to ease up the user’s effort. Accessing or operating with Metro interface could be an uphill task for new users. Therefore, Microsoft has published important window keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys to work in Windows 8.

Important Windows 8 Shortcut Keys for harnessing keyboard application for the sake of Windows 8 comprising metro screen to lessen users effort is described. More important Windows 8 Shortcut Keys are written underneath.

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Lists of compatible Windows 8 Shortcut Keys

  • Windows Key –

Return back to the Metro Start menu button.

  • Windows Key + Tab

Display all the currently active applications in slide view on the desktop and choose optional applications from here.

  • Windows Key + C 

Launch Charms menu tab at the right side of Windows screen, it contains search button, setting, date and time, and notification.

  • Windows Key + I 

Starts setting tab in Charms bar where a user can configure settings options – WIFI, Adjust Volume, Shut down, active applications, adjust color settings.

  • Windows Key + T 

A round from first to last screenshots of active applications.

  • Windows Key + D 

Return to active windows desktop screen.

  • Windows Key + Z 

Launches Application Bar of Current Metro UI tab.

  • Windows Key + H 

Starts Metro Share window.

  • Windows Key + F 

Starts Metro File Search pane.

  • Windows Key + W 

Launches setting search tab in Metro Window.

  • Windows Key + Q 

Starts search box in Apps tab in Metro window.

  • Windows Key + K 

Starts device setting window of connecting device (projector etc)

  • Windows Key + J 

Turn on meeting point among snapped Metro UI contains applications

  • Windows Key + M 

Return to the desktop screen or minimize all the currently active applications.

  • Windows Key + L 

Lock current Windows 8 Computer and go back to lock screen.

  • Windows Key + O 

Make connection among Tablet PC from Windows 8

  • Windows Key + P 

Starts connection between multiple displays (Projector, Display dual view on the external monitor etc)

  • Windows Key + R 

Starts Run box on the desktop screen

  • Windows Key + U 

Starts Easy Access Center tab to configure following services (Magnifier, Narrator, Adjust high contrast, on-screen Keyboard)

  • Windows Key + W 

Launches search setting pane of Windows Explorer

  • Windows key + X 

Starts window Mobility Center including various system tools such as Display brightness, Mute, Wi-Fi Connection, Power condition etc.

  • Windows Key + Z 

Starts the App pane on the window screen

  • Windows Key + Spacebar 

Change Keyboard layout and input language

  • Windows Key + Enter 

Starts Narrator tools.

  • Windows Key + Page UP button 

Shifts open applications or Start Screen to the other display (monitor) in the left pane.

  • Windows Key + Page DOWN  button 

Shifts open applications or Start Screen to the other display (monitor) in the right pane.

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