Windows Terminal 2.0 Roadmap Released

Windows Terminal 2.0 Roadmap and milestones Released.

Windows Terminal 2.0 Roadmap

Windows Terminal 2.0 is making its way to release by Spring 2021. So the roadmap and milestones of this project is released on Github. It also includes a list of the key scenarios the project is aiming to deliver for Terminal 2.0. Furthermore, there are many other features that don’t fit within 2.0  they will re-assess and prioritize for Windows Terminal 3.0. This version is planned to be published in 2021.

The main subjects Windows 10 Terminal 2.0 Roadmap has, are – Settings UI, Command palette, Tab tear-off, Clickable links, Default terminal, Overall theme support, Open tab as admin/other user, Traditional opacity, SnapOnOutput, scroll lock, Infinite scrollback, Pane management, Theme marketplace, Jump list, Open with multiple tabs, Open in Windows Terminal, Session restoration, Quake mode, Settings migration infrastructure, Pointer bindings. They delivered a set of 4-week milestones too.

Windows Terminal 2.0 Roadmap Released

Here is Windows Terminal 2.0 Roadmap –

Milestone End Date Milestone Name ( Windows Terminal Preview) Preview Release Blog Post
2020-06-30 1.1
2020-07-31 1.2
2020-08-31 1.3
2020-09-30 1.4
2020-10-31 1.5
2020-11-30 1.6
2020-12-31 1.7
2021-01-31 1.8
2021-02-28 1.9
2021-03-31 1.10
2021-04-30 2.0 RC in Windows Terminal Preview
2.0 RC in Windows Terminal
2021-05-31 2.0 in Windows Terminal Preview
2.0 in Windows Terminal

Apart from this, the project has released the schedule for when milestones will be included in release builds of Windows Terminal and Windows Terminal Preview. However, the dates are rough estimates and are subject to change.  Here are the Windows TerminaL 2.0 Milestones –

Duration Activity Releases
2 weeks Dev Work

  1. Fixes / Features for future Windows Releases
  2. Fixes / Features for Windows Terminal
Release to Internal Selfhosters at end of week 2
1 week Quality & Stability

  1. Bug Fixes
  2. Perf & Stability
  3. UI Polish
  4. Tests
  5. etc.
Push to Microsoft Store at end of week 3
1 week Release

  1. Available from Microsoft Store & GitHub Releases
  2. Release Notes & Announcement Blog published
  3. Engineering System Maintenance
  4. Community Engagement
  5. Docs
  6. Future Milestone Planning
Release available from Microsoft Store & GitHub Releases

Source – Github.

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