WSL 2.0.5 (Windows Subsystem for Linux) is available for Download

Improvements, fixes, changes, and download links for WSL 2.0.5.

WSL 2.0.5

A new version of Windows Subsystem for Linux is released with updating Microsoft.WSL.Kernel to version and WSLg to 1.0.59. The update is WSL 2.0.5 which promotes some wslconfig settings to [wsl2], enables process mitigation policies for wslservice and wslnstaller service, and more. The release also fixes issue where wslinfo -n is not correctly skipping printing the newline.

WSL 2.0.5 is a successor of WSL 20.0.4 which resolved a potential crash in wslservice.exe. Let’s see what is new in this update:

WSL 2.0.5 changes, fixes and improvements

Here is the changelog:

  • Promote the following wslconfig settings to [wsl2]: (solves #10616)
dnsTunneling-> wsl2.dnsTunneling
experimental.firewall -> wsl2.firewall
experimental.networkingMode -> wsl2.networkingMode
experimental.autoProxy -> wsl2.autoProxy

Previous settings under the experimental section are still supported for backwards compatibility

  • Fix issue where wslinfo -n is not correctly skipping printing the newline
  • Work around issue where init is being launched without /dev/console, which can cause hangs
  • Remove –event-viewer and –release-notes arguments from wsl.exe usage and various cleanup
  • Enable process mitigation policies for wslservice and wslnstaller service
  • Improve error handling when distribution VHD fails to mount
  • Add wsl.vhdSize argument for customizing vhd size
  • Update Microsoft.WSL.Kernel to version
  • Update WSLg to 1.0.59

Also see: WSL / Windows Subsystem for Linux 0.65.2 and 0.65.1 Released



Source: Github WSL release note.

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