How to Watch YouTube Videos in Floating Window On Social Sites

Currently, YouTube videos are shared widely to every social network like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. The user has to start a new tab in chrome browser to watch YouTube videos while they access any social site. A new chrome extension named ViewTube – YouTube ™ for Social Sites that facilitates users to watch YouTube videos in a floating style inside the same tab on a social site. Using the extension, a user can also view the complete directory of related videos, its comments, and description.

Features of ViewTube extension

  • After installing ViewTube extension on the chrome browser from chrome store, sign in a social network (twitter) to check the new feature.
  • When you click on the link to watch shared YouTube video on twitter, it will start in the similar window that can be pulled and repositioned at any place inside the tab.
  • Besides the upper part of the window, three options are available.
  1. Film strip – it is used to activate cinema mode to watch YouTube video
  2. Maximize – It enlarges the range of the window
  3. A close option is used to exit from video and return to twitter main page.
  • Underneath the player, four options like description, comments, and the related videos are shown.
  • You can browse twitter page on the same tab without disrupting and change amid tabs without finishing video playback.

Install ViewTube – YouTube™ for Social Sites Extension From Chrome Store

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