Zoomit v4.52, Sysmon v10.42, Whois v1.21 get Updates – December 2019

3 Sysinternals tools, Sysmon v10.42, Zoomit v4.52, and Whois v1.21 got updated on 11 December 2019 with important bug fixes and changes.

Sysmon v10.42, Zoomit v4.52, Whois v1.21 - Sysinternals Update Dec. 2019

Sysinternals Suite comprises a bunch of utilities to maintain Windows. More than 65 tools available in this suite help IT pro and developers to handle, find and fix various issues in system and applications. 3 of them – Sysmon Zoomit, and Whois have got updates on 11 December 2019.

Sysinternals Suite Update December 2019 –  Sysmon v10.42, Zoomit v4.52, Whois v1.21

Here are the details of Sysinternals Suite Update December 2019 –

Zoomit v4.52

This tool mainly helps in presentation by providing shortcut keys to hotkeys. You can use the keys to zoom and start drawing mode without zoom and change the size and color of pen. Zoomit v4.52 comes with enhanced multi-monitor support.

Download Zoomit

Sysmon v10.42

Sysmon is an important app to track the activity during the reboot of a system and log. This works as a device driver and service and produces comprehensive knowledge about network connection, process creations, and changes to file creation time. This update increased the version to 10.42 and includes the following changes –

  • Memory resource leaks in “Image load event”, DNS, and Networking.
  • This Sysinternals tool gets Bugfixes and filtering, rule group names, W3LOGSVC interop problems, and NULL process GUIDS.
  • Increased length of rule name field to 128 from 32 characters.
  • Added excludes all and excludes any filtering conditions.
  • ImageLoad module Performance improvements.

Download Sysmon

Whois v1.21

Whois displays the registration record for the domain name or IP address that you specify and includes too many bugfixes in this version.

Download Whois

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