How to Clear Cache in Windows 8 Step by Step

Often you have to do a single thing to speed up your computer performance and it is clear the cache. In this context, I have written different posts as how to clear cache in Android and Internet browsers (Chrome, Opera, and Firefox). Today it will about Windows 8 cache.

Actually in Windows OS the files that you usually open time to time, are stored so that you could retrieve these easily. This is for better user experience. The collected data means cache supports you in regaining the files you have opened previously. But as time spends more and more cache are accumulated. At times, these slow down the PC performance or even choke the speed. This is the time you recall to clear cache. Although clearing cache time to time helps you to have better speed of PC. Since Windows 8 is different from other Windows OS. Obviously there are quite different ways to clear cache in Windows 8.

windows 8 clear cache

To clear cache is effective action in some conditions particularly in Windows 8 because you access whole functionality from two different backgrounds like the desktop and the start screen. Therefore, you need to know how to clear the cache for both backgrounds in Windows 8?

Clear Cache of Desktop Apps in Windows 8

First Tip

  • In Windows 8 desktop, you can choose a proficient method to use a utility tool such as CCleaner or another recognized tools to remove every type of cache in few seconds.

Second Tip

  • Go to metro search window and type “cleanmgr” and choose cleanmgr.exe from the search pages on the left panel.
cleanmgr search on windows 8
  • Next you prompt disk cleanup dialog box and try to scan files for a span of time.
  • As soon as scanning is finished, check the tab nearby “Thumbnails” and click the OK button.
disk cleanup in windows 8

Third Tip

Occasionally if you are facing browsing problems like slow internet speed, then you need to wash out DNS cache. To do so, launch command prompt and type the command (don’t forget space after ipconfig) – ipconfig  / flushdns

windows 8 clear dns cache

Clear Cache of Modern UI Apps

First Step

To Clear cache of Internet Explorer

  • Launch Internet Explorer from the Start screen.
internet explorer tile in windows 8
  • Then launch charms bar and click the Settings button.
windows 8 charms settings pane
  • Next choose internet options in the right panel.

internet explorer settings pane in windows 8

  • From Internet Explorer Settings tab, click the Delete option under Delete Browsing History section.
internet explorer settings

Second Step

How to Clear Cache from Windows Store

  • To do this, press (Window key + R) to launch the Run.
  • Type the command – WSReset.exe and hit the Enter button.
windows store clear cache
  • Next Store app will start and you will view the message like below screen shots.
clear cache in windows 8 store app

How to Clear Cache from Search History

  • Press shortcut (Windows Key + I) to launch Settings panel and hit PC settings option at the bottom.
windows 8 pc settings option
  • Next Search in the left panel and look to search history section.
  • Then click the Delete History button.
windows 8 clear cache from search history

How to Clear Cache from Live Tile

  • At the Start screen, press shortcut (Window key + C) or move the cursor to the top-right edge to highlight the charms bar.
  • On charms bar, select settings and then Tiles option.
windows 8 tile settings pane
  • Next click the Clear button under clear Personal info from my files section.
windows 8 clear cache from tile
Thus, i is the easiest way to clear cache of live tiles in Windows 8.

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